Paula Pell Marries 'Beloved' Janine Brito in 'Hastily Purchased Clothes From Target'

Paula Pell didn’t need a white dress to seal the deal with longtime love Janine Brito.

The comedians tied the knot in a “sparkling” backyard ceremony on Friday after being forced to cancel their original wedding plans due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Both Pell and Brito posted photos from the intimate nuptials on Instagram, and the Saturday Night Live writer, 56, revealed in the caption that she styled her “tears of joy” with a dress from Target.

“On Friday the 13th I had the extreme luck of marrying my beloved and extraordinary @j9burrito We had to cancel wedding plans this last year but we wanted to be legally and emotionally linked in every deep and possible way until we can celebrate with our love circle that we miss so much,” Pell wrote alongside three sweet snaps, wearing what appears to be the Ava & Viv dress ($34.99). “It was a sparkling day full of hastily purchased clothes from Target and joy tears. And of course all of our dog babies were witnesses. ❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️L O V E. W I N S.”

Brito, meanwhile, shared similar sentiments on her own Instagram page, writing, “It wasn’t at all how we planned, but this past Friday I got to marry the love of my life @pellpix.”

The Bless the Harts star (who kept things simple with a white button down and khaki pants) continued: “My tearful overjoyed face got to look at Paula’s tearful overjoyed face. It was perfect.”

Last year, Pell revealed that she wanted to wear "pale blue" for her wedding while speaking with PEOPLE about her Old Navy commercial. Though she opted for a black floral frock instead, Pell did successfully predict a few details when asked about her attire for the big day: "Most likely a long sleeveless dress that shows my tattoos that is fitted in the bust and an armful of gorgeous flowers. (And a giant smile and tears of joy of course.)."

The Wine Country actress also opened up about the difficulties of shopping for plus-sized clothing during the interview.

"I love unusual prints and stripes [and] fabrics that feel good and wash well. I have a lot of great costume jewelry, so I love finding clothes that aren’t overtly intricate, so I can enjoy accessorizing. Because I am plus size I love when clothes that are cut and expertly designed for a bigger body and are flattering and free without feeling like a poncho."

The comedian one of several stars who have spoken out about how the plus-size shopping experience has traditionally been unpleasant. (Melissa McCarthy once joked her choices were “hidden away on a different floor next to the tire section.”) Pell said being catered to at Old Navy is one of the reasons she was happy to film an ad for them.

"It is always a huge joy to shop in stores like Old Navy that don’t sequester the plus sizes in the back corner like they are in a shame-y time out,” she shared. “It always feels mixed in with the other sizes and that makes shopping so much more fun and inclusive. There are so many stores that offer plus size but don’t carry them in the store. I’ll hear they have bigger sizes and go to shop and they say, ‘We do, just online only.’ It’s very frustrating since it’s always better to try things on and so many real people are bigger sizes."

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