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DIY FANS are losing their minds over the correct way to use a tape measure.

A skateboard company that makes ramps has shocked people with a video of tips.

Keen Ramps worker Cory Keen, a skateboarding fanatic with a Master's Degree in City and Regional planning, fronted the video.

His tips have sent people into shock over how the nifty device is “the full package”.

The first tip was that the number on the side or back of the tape measure indicates how long the one you’re holding is.

Cory explained: “There's a number on the back or the side of your tape measure. 

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“In this case it's three and a half inches, that is exactly how big the tape measure is."

But this number is more helpful than you realise.

When measuring the inside of something, rather than bending the tape measure to get a rough estimate, you can keep the ruler section straight and include the length of the tape measure.

Cory said while demonstrating: "You're able to pull to the top and then use the dimensions of your tape measure.”

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His next bit of advice was how to use the metal hole at the end of your tape measure.

Cory explained: “This little hole on the end of your tape measure actually serves a purpose.

“It’s meant to hook a nail or a screw.”

This is particularly useful when measuring something big on your own when you can’t hold the end of the tape measure down. 

What’s more, it can be used to draw a “perfect radius” on something you need to cut in a circular shape.

Cory’s final tip explained why the metal hook on the end of a tape measure wiggles.

He explained: "It's actually like that on purpose. 

“The first inch of a tape measure is not a true one inch. 

“It's actually 1/16th shy because the metal end of a tape measure is 1/6th of an inch.

"If you're doing an inside measurement and you want to butt that piece of metal, it's taking that into account and not throwing off your measurement. 

“But if you want to do an outside measurement, and you want it to pull, that 16th is now freed up so you can get that true measurement." 

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The Keen Ramps Tik Tok video has garnered a whopping 6.2 million views.

One comic commented: “I don’t even own a tape measure but I feel like I should go buy one now.”

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