People are only just realising that XXL and 2XL aren’t actually the same size – here’s the real difference | The Sun

EVER try on a pair of jeans and they fit perfectly, but in another shop the same size is too tight?

Well it turns out it might not just be the shop's bad sizing, you might actually be wearing a totally different size than you think.

That's because there's a difference between clothes that are labelled as being 2XL and XXL, as well as 3XL and XXXL and so on.

Although it might not be obvious that the sizes aren't the same, there is a subtle difference.

Generally, plus-size clothes that are labelled as being XXL are cut the same way as regular sizes – just bigger.

But as sizes get bigger that often means the length of the clothes, sleeve size and other dimensions will be way too big.


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That's because because the entire garment gets bigger, meaning the length and arm size can be a bit off.

Clothes that are labelled as 2XL are cut specifically with plus-size bodies in mind.

This means they alter the pattern rather than just make the entire thing bigger.

Plus-size influencer Makayla (amkaylasmith) took to TikTok to show the difference between a t-shirt in a size XXL and 2XL.

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She captioned the clip: "Did you know that XXL and 2XL are different?

"I remind people of this often because it can be so confusing! Just like how 1X is not the same as XL."

Comparing the t-shirts the difference was subtle but made a difference.

Everything seemed it fit that little bit better in the 2XL compared to the XXL.

People were left amazed that they didn't already know about the sizing difference.

One commented: "Wait I'm literally plus-size and I didn't know this!"

"OHH that makes so much sense," a second quipped.

"Yes! One is more focused on the stomach area and the other is focused on length," someone else wrote.

"Omg thank you, I've been wondering, I've got a short torso and never understood why the fit was off."

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