People ask me how I'm so comfortable wearing short shorts and small bikinis – the secret is something I was born with | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER who was questioned over her short shorts and small bikinis revealed the secret to being comfortable when wearing the revealing outfits.

TikToker @evgeniyalvovna took to social media and encouraged women to empower themselves using a specialty quality she was born with.

The US influencer posts a lot of motivational content but in this particular message she focused on a character trait that anybody could learn.

In the video, the glam women filmed herself in skin-hugging short shorts and a crop top as she flaunted for the camera.

She moved her body in different ways to show off her jaw-dropping figure.

Eventually, she moved up close to the lens, blowing a kiss and let fans in on her secret.

She said: "When people ask me how I feel comfortable wearing short shorts and small bikinis…

"You can do anything you want when you are sexy.

"But I have worked for the body I am confident in."

The clip was titled – Every woman should be confident to wear whatever the f**k they want and hype each other up for it.

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It has more than 600,000 views.

Fans flocked to comment on her natural beauty.

"Yeah it is easy to be confident when you look so good that you know even money couldn't buy it," A TikTok user said.

"You go girl," one said.

"Wow, super early – you are so beautiful and I love the positive message," a second said.

"Self-confidence is key, keep doing you," a third said.

"You are so beautiful and I am glad you are confident," another said.

Other empowerment tips have gone viral online.

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