People say my gym outfits are ‘too revealing’ but I don’t care – my confidence is all that matters | The Sun

BEFORE her regular trips to the gym, this fitness maven gets dressed in a supportive bra top and a pair of shorts.

Her simple outfits open the door to outside criticism, but she has a candid response for the trolls.

Fitness trainer Abby Heffington knows a thing or two about going to the gym since she's often working out herself or with clients.

But in a video, Heffington revealed the criticism she hears from other fitness fanatics.

She stood in the gym while wearing a black baseball cap, a coordinating sports bra, and a pair of leopard-print shorts.

Making a wounded face, Heffington pulled an imaginary knife out of her chest while the criticism from trolls flashed on-screen.

"Your gym clothes are too revealing," the caption read.

But Heffington had a response ready to go.

She giggled and kicked up one heel while her response replaced the trolling comment.

"I wear what I want and feel confident in," the pro fitness trainer wrote.

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In the comments section, other people piled on in agreement.

"I’m sorry but it has to be like that because it’s comfy,"one defender wrote.

They added, "You get hot as f*** when working out."

One person implied they were at the receiving end of similar criticism, but from a source closer to their personal life.

"I wanna send this to my family, but I live at home," the wistful commenter wrote.

Several other women asked Heffington to reveal where she shopped for clothes, while others left flirty emoji comments.

But one person dropped a short, sweet response that applied to critics and fans alike.

"Who cares?" they asked. "She’s comfortable."

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