Pregnant woman confesses to having an orgasm while watching Toy Story with her kids – The Sun

ONE PREGNANT woman had an incredibly awkward experience while watching Toy Story 4 with her children.

She ended up having an involuntary orgasm – right in the middle of the cinema.

The woman opened up about the bizarre situation on Kidspot, explaining that she's currently 16 weeks pregnant.

She said: "Since it's my third time around the block, my stomach is already rounded, my breasts are swollen and I feel sexy."

As with her previous two pregnancies, her "sex drive has increased".

Despite this, she wasn't expecting an "unwelcome twinge" while walking through her local shopping centre with her husband and two children.

The woman says she took deep breaths and walked on her toes in an attempt to get rid of the feeling.

She managed to "pull herself together" – but the twinges returned when she had to tackle a set of stairs.

She said: "With each and every leg up and down movement, denim grinding against denim, I felt the electric sensation."

And after the film began, she became "acquainted with the least pleasant pregnancy side effect".

With each and every leg up and down movement, denim grinding against denim, I felt the electric sensation

The woman later confided in her friends, and was taken aback when one of them told her it "happens to her all the time" when she's pregnant.

But actually, this isn't all that shocking.

As Medical News Today explains, a woman's clitoris swells when she's aroused and blood flow is increased to the area.

The blood flow quickly goes back to normal after orgasm, and the clitoris returns to its usual size – but if she doesn't reach orgasm, it can take hours or days for the clitoris to shrink.

Coincidentally, pregnancy can also cause an increase in blood flow to the area.

The woman added: "My mind went back to the night before.

"We'd had mind-blowing sex as we often do, but that particular night, I couldn't quite reach the top of the mountain if you catch my drift.

"I was swollen, still 'aroused' as such from the night before, and it took some tight jeans and extremely inappropriate timing for the situation to resolve itself."

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