Prince Harry has become ‘hypocritical, preachy and detached’ and is no longer the fun-loving ‘people’s prince’, royal author claims – The Sun

PRINCE Harry has gone from being a “people’s prince” to “hypocritical and preachy” according to a royal author.

The Sun’s former royal editor Duncan Larcombe appeared on Yahoo’s Royal Box to discuss the backlash that Harry and Meghan have faced over their use of private jets.

Speaking to host Kate Thornton he said: “He’s going to an environmental conference in a private plane getting a private helicopter to an island and then staying in a super yacht off the shore.

“People aren’t stupid, come on Harry. He’s got detached from where he came from, he was a people’s prince, he’s now become some hypocritical, preachy, detached slightly confused prince.

“He’ll lose his popularity because of that and I think that’s a tragedy because I think he’s a great guy.”

Duncan added that the couple are going from “one PR disaster to another”  after “lecturing” the public on their responsibilities towards the environment.

He added: “Do they think that we’re all mad? Do they think that the public won’t see them as aloof from them? There is no PR consideration, there really isn’t, there should be, but there isn’t.

“I remember Harry went on a ski trip, he went on a budget airline with his mates.

“Harry and William never used to fly on private planes certainly for private holidays.”

Royal commentator Omid Scobie argued that the couple might be opting for private flights in the interest of their son Archie Harrison.

However, The Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkah, backed Duncan’s point.

Roya said: “By and large most members of the royal family take commercial flights for their holidays.

“When members of the royal family have traditionally travelled with families you can book out whole sections of First Class and fly very privately.

“I think at the heart of it here is how is it going to be perceived? Every individual member of the royal family is entitled to travel how they want.

“Practising the message you preach is really really important. You risk distracting from the work you’re trying to do.”

Meghan and Harry have come under fire for taking four private jets in 11 days while flying to Ibiza for Meghan's birthday and then to Elton John's £15million home in Nice.

The gas-guzzling trips have seen critics call the Sussexes hyprocrites after Prince Harry recently talked about saving the planet and climate change at Google Camp. 

Elton revealed he paid for the private Cessna jets to and from his home – which would have cost around £12,000 – for the "couple's protection".


However, it is estimated the journeys would have generated seven times the emissions per person when compared to a commercial flight.

Meanwhile the Cambridges were pictured taking a £73 FlyBe flight to Balmoral on Thursday. 

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