See Every Amazing Throwback Photo Kim Kardashian Has Shared with the World


Kim resurfaced an old pic of herself and Kourtney back when they followed the biggest beauty trend at the time — pencil-thin eyebrows. 

“It’s the brows for me…” Kim captioned the throwback photo. (She’s previously called her “Drew Barrymore” eyebrow phase “horrendous.”)

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Color Correcting Queen

In honor of her makeup artist Mary Phillips’ birthday, the star shared a hilarious pic of herself with tons of yellow color correcting concealer drawn all over her face. “I was mesmerized by how @maryphillips prepped my skin!” the KKW Beauty mogul wrote. 

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Going for the Gold Kardashian/Instagram Kardashian/Instagram Kardashian/Instagram

Kim’s love of mixing things up with her hair color goes all the way back to 7th grade, as she proved with this sun-streaked class photo.

“You put cream bleach on your hand and ran it through your hair the day before school started for that cool orange streak 🧡😬,” her sister Kourtney reminded her in the comments.

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Eye Spy

“What is this hair style? My turquoise liner?” the star wondered upon digging up a shot of her and longtime BFF Allison Statter. Some fans pointed out that the bangs made her look like the spitting image of mom Kris Jenner.

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Brotherly Love

Kim celebrated National Siblings Day with a cute snap of herself with brother Rob …

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Showing Her Spots

…and perhaps an even more memorable one of the star and her sisters clad in matching leopard jammies.

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Girl Power

Kim nailed ’90s style the first time around, so it’s no wonder she’s embraced it recently too.

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You’re the Top(knot)

While using her coronavirus-imposed downtime to get some projects done, Kim shared the results with fans: “Bored and organizing lots of pics in my computer. Get ready for some good throw backs. This seems about 2009.”

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Teens to Style Queens

Kim wished celeb stylist Simone Harouche a happy birthday with this sweet shot of them kicking back on that one beige couch everyone’s mom had in the 1990s.

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Eggs-celent Memories

Kim and sister Kourtney have always loved to dress up for festive occasions, as evidenced by these sweet, frilly Easter outfits shared in a throwback photo on Kim’s instagram.

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Armenian Sisters

Before embarking on a special trip to Armenia with Kourtney to have their kids baptized, Kim shared a sweet throwback of them as teens in the ’90s. 

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Hitting the Slopes

The Kardashian siblings learned to ski “at a really young age,” since the activity was one of their late father Robert Kardashian’s favorite pastimes. “Snow, blizzard or sunshine, we had to be on the slopes—and now I’m so glad we have those memories,” Kim said. 

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Daddy’s Girls

As a tribute on the anniversary of their father’s passing, Kim shared a sweet photo of her and Kourtney each giving their dad a kiss on the cheek. “Miss you dad,” she wrote. “Can’t believe today would be 16 years since you went to heaven.” 

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Road Trip

Before private jets became their frequent mode of transport, 18-year-old Kim and Khloé would take road trips to Arizona to visit big sister Kourtney and their friend Allison at University of Arizona. “The simple life,” Kim wrote in her caption.

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‘Minnie’ Kim

Kim’s paternal grandmother Helen Kardashian “was the absolute best,” the makeup mogul captioned a photo of the two of them together. “She was such a force!” 

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’90s Style

Kim also shared a later photo of her and her paternal grandfather, “Papa” Arthur. The mom-of-four pointed out in the caption that growing up, her mom Kris “would crimp my hair all the time” and that she actually still has “the same crimper machine,” which she’d just used it recently. 

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Sweet 16

In celebration of her late father’s birthday on Feb. 22, Kim shared a throwback of a special moment the two shared: when he gave her her first car. “This was my Sweet 16 and this is the moment my dad surprised me with my first car!” she wrote on Instagram. “I wish you were here so badly so we could have so many more memories! We are all missing you and celebrating you today!” 

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Destined for Stardom

In the background of a video clip, Khloé predicted Kim’s future fame. “Her name is Kim. She’s really pretty. She’s going to be famous when she grows up,” Khloé said. 

“Oh, I know that,” Kim replied with a laugh.  

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Sisterly Love

Kim (left) and Kourtney (right) looked like twins growing up so close in age. (They are a year-and-a-half apart.)

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Before proclaiming that she doesn’t like to to smile since it causes wrinkles, 4-year-old Kim beamed at the camera and accessorized her adorable look with a big pink bow. 

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Beach Day

Kim didn’t seem too pleased to spend a day by the ocean with Grandma MJ and best friend Allison.

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Cool Chicks

But once she started to enjoy the scene, she struck a quick pose with her girlfriend on a broken tree branch. 

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‘It’ Accessory

Kim’s love of hair bows continued into her teenage years. 

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The Birthday Girl

A friend whispered a secret in Kim’s ear as she celebrated her 13th birthday at a special surprise party. 

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The Preteen Years

Kim and her friends tried to act “super cool” when they were 12 years old. 

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Glow Up

The KKW Beauty mogul shared a pic of herself and Kourtney before they started tweezing their brows or using makeup. 

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Going Grunge

In 1992, Kim fully embraced the popular ’90s grunge style by wearing brown-nude lipstick and an edgy black choker. 

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Before becoming reality TV royalty, Kim and Kourtney got their first taste of the spotlight starring as extras in a Stair Climber Plus infomercial with Caitlyn Jenner (then known as Bruce).

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Adidas Obsession

The star still loves Adidas designs today, just as much as she did decades ago. 

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

“How cute. I am going through all these old photos,” Kim said as she went on a throwback spree on Instagram. “Me and Kourtney! You guys I look like twins with Chicago. It’s not even funny. Like twins.”

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Selfie Queen

Long before publishing her own 400+ page book of selfies, Kim became a master of the camera at a young age. “Look this was the first selfie I ever took,” she said. 

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Stylish Sisters

Kourtney may sometimes take cues from Kim’s style playbook now, but the sisters matched even more (wearing the exact same dress!) way back in the day. “Look our father-daughter dinner dance in Marymount 1994,” Kim said when she showed a photo of herself with Kourt and their dad. 

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Something Borrowed

Like most sisters, starting from a young age the Kardashians always snatched pieces from each other’s closets — including a pair of coveted Barbie PJs. 

“This looks like Khloé’s writing,” Kim said as she read the note aloud. “‘Kimberly, I took your Barbie PJs and I want to wear them on Friday. Call me at mommy’s if yes or no.’ Well if you took them already, how could I respond?!”

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Family Portrait

Even though Kim knew her “whole family is going to kill me” for posting this throwback, she couldn’t help but share this gem with the world. “But look at my grandma and grandpa and look at Rob and look at Kourtney miserable! And look at me. I’m very cool with my choker and my thick brows. And look at Khloé” Kim said. 

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Bikini Babe

As a teen, Kim loved snapping swimsuit photos just as much as she does today. “Remember this set of photos when I was like 13 or 14 from Hawaii? And that is Allison and Simone and me and Kourt like in college,” she said. 

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Greatest Gift

When Kim was just 18, her dad gave her a supersweet gift for Christmas. “This was one of my Christmas presents in 1999,” she said. “What a nice dad.”

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Beach Bum

“Ok I was 13 here in Mexico. Look at those boobs,” Kim joked. “1994. So yeah, I was 13 in the summer. Sexy for 13, huh?”

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Mexican Getaway

Kim and Kourtney have always loved their vacations in Mexico (Kourt celebrated her 38th birthday in Cabo). The sisters posed for a quick pic in bikinis during one trip there in 1994. 

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Mom in Training

Before Kim became a #momofthree (now four) herself, half-sisters Kendall and Kylie looked at her as a second mom, even making a handmade Mother’s Day card for Kim one year. 

“I found this Mother’s Day card from Kendall and Kylie. Is this not the funniest thing ever?” Kim said as she showed the front and back of the note. 

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Kim’s Calendars

Longtime Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans will never forget the episode when Kim created a sexy calendar for then-boyfriend Reggie Bush to celebrate his birthday. “Wait, who remembers my calendars?” she said. 

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Back to School

Kim gave a glimpse at her 17-year-old self when flipping through her 1997 Marymount High School yearbook. “Who is ready for our 20 year reunion, girls? I am so excited! Marymount. Oh my God. There I am,” Kim said. 

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Best Friends Forever

Stylist Simone Harouche’s friendship with Kim dates back over two decades. “Wait: me and Simone. How cute,” Kim said when she stumbled upon this photo of the two BFFs. “We’re 13. She was 14 but I was 13. But all we would do was listen to Snoop Dogg’s first album. I remember it. This trip to Mexico.”

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Key to Her Car

For her sweet 16, Kim’s mom and dad gifted her a brand new BMW — but not without any rules in place. “Okay, my dad would make me sign a contract for everything,” she said. “So this is a contract that my dad and I both signed to receive my car.”

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Photo Booth Flashback

Kim and her friends made special trips to the drugstore just to take pictures in a photo booth there. “Okay, in high school we would have our parents take us to Rite Aid and then go in the photo album and just use props and take pictures. And we just were so obsessed,” she said. 

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Famous Friends

Kim couldn’t help but share a shot of her now-famous friends growing up, Nicole Richie and Sara Foster, which she found in her scrapbook. “Young legends,” she said. 

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Natural Beauty

At 11 years old, Kim still rocked her unlasered baby forehead hairs and the thin ’90s brows she would later regret. 

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Dress Code

It may be hard to believe, but the fashion-loving star had to wear a classic uniform every day to her private, Catholic all-girls school. “That is me in my school uniform, you could hardly tell,” Kim said. 

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Straightened Out

Nope, Kim wasn’t born with perfectly straight teeth, and had to wear braces for a bit just like the rest of us. “Look at my braces!” she said. 

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Beauty Regrets

Kim still can’t get over how thin her eyebrows were back in the day. “That was me in 8th grade. Look at my eyebrows. Anastasia would be mortified,” she said, referencing her go-to brow expert, Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Anastasia Soare. 

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Special Something

Before her go-to Hermès Birkin bags, Kim went through a phase when she carried her special blanket, handmade by her grandmother, everywhere she went. “Look you guys, I would carry my blanket with my everywhere,” Kim said. And she still has it today! “I found it! The one my grandma gave me. My dad’s mom made me a blankey,” she continued. 

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Crazy for Clueless

Kim’s obsession with Alicia Silverstone in Clueless had a major impact on her teenage style. “I would dress like Clueless on another level,” she said.

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Short Hair, Don’t Care

Drew Barrymore inspired Kim’s short ’90s bob from when she was in eighth grade. “I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore,” she said. 

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Matchy Matchy

Kim and longtime friend Allison Statter always put their best fashion foot forward growing up. “Me and Allison were always so stylish. We’d go to Heidi’s in San Diego to eat. Maybe we were seven or eight [years old],” Kim said.  

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Cool Girl

At 12 years old, Kim epitomized the ’90s grunge style. “Look at who is the coolest,” she joked while looking at the collage of photographs. “On a scooter, on a pinball machine. So cool.”

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Toddler with ‘Tude

Kim started showing her sassy side when she was only a toddler. “Look at me giving major side eye,” she said. 

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Kanye’s Collection

Besides tons of throwback photos, Kim also showed husband Kanye West’s accessory collection that she’s archiving. “You guys, I just found all of Kanye’s original fun stuff that he’s worn. These iconic looks over the years,” Kim said. “I am making the coolest archive right now, maybe for our kids just to have.”

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