Shaving foam, denture tablets and rice – I'm a cleaning pro and these everyday items can make your house amazing

A CLEANING expert has revealed that you don’t need fancy products to leave your home looking sparkling.

TikTok user Chantel Mila revealed the surprising everyday household items that you can use to scrub your home.

Without spending a penny, you can transform your home today…

Shaving foam

In a video, Chantel, who posts under @mama_mila_, wrote: “3 home tips to make cleaning easier, which one will you try first?”

Her first tip was to use shaving foam around your home to leave it sparkling.

She wrote: “Buff shaving cream into mirrors to clean and keep fog-free.”

Denture tablets

If your white clothes are looking slightly grey, it may be time to whip out some denture tablets.

Chantel wrote: “Soak dingy white with two denture tablets to whiten and brighten.”

She previously showed before and after using her cleaning trick, demonstrating how her clothes were restored to be a spotless white.

The mum said: “Denture tablets have whitening properties and break down stains on white clothes.”


TikTok user Mama Mila explained how she makes her DIY air freshener using rice, essential oil and a mason jar.

The clever DIY fan captioned the video saying it was a great way to get your home "fresh for the new year".

The Aussie mum began by taking a jar with holes in the lid, which are easily found online or in craft shops or made at home with the help of a pair of scissors.

Next, she adds a cup of uncooked rice, which Mila says is a "natural deodoriser".


While you might go through cuppa after cuppa, it's highly likely that you don't clean your kettle as regularly as you should – and that can leave behind grim limescale build-up.

One way to keep your kettle looking fresh, though, is throwing some sliced lemon into it and boiling it through.

Chantel said: "This is the natural, no-scrub way to rid kettle limescale.

She fills the kettle with water, adding a while sliced lemon, and then boils it twice, before leaving it to sit for half an hour. The acidity from the lemon breaks down the bacteria, leaving it gleaming inside.

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