Stacey Solomon is every mum's body hero from her hairy belly to her post-baby rolls and creepy feet says Luisa Zissman

IN a world of fake, Stacey Solomon – who talks frankly about everything from her hairy belly, her cellulite and her stretchmarks – is every mum’s body hero.

In fact, I’d go as far to say she like a modern day Emmeline Pankhurst who inspired and led women over 100 years ago.

She’s funny, silly, pretty and most of all a girl from Essex who’s done good.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and while some might consider her an over sharer I quite frankly can’t get enough.

Celebrities have traditionally been a mysterious species untouchable to the average Joe on the street.

However despite the unlimited access we now get to celebs, thanks to Instagram and other social networking sites, Stacey lacks any sense of pretentiousness.

She has a normal house, a blended family and best of all she doesn’t mind sharing with you that she’s got belly hair like the rest of us and creepy feet.

Baby Rex is quite possibly the happiest baby alive, he’s always smiling and Stacey could easily fall into the trap of “fake baby territory.”

She’s also not afraid to show her post-baby rolls, her cellulite, her stretchmarks or spots and what I like best is she doesn’t make a big thing of them either.

But unlike other instagrammers who project the perfect family image and have perfectly dressed babies with perfect smiles in those little square online.

Stacey often allows us into the darker days of motherhood with her.

It’s not all plain sailing as we all know but often those lonely dark nights when the little one won’t sleep or the weird hormonal lows after giving birth are so unspoken.

I remember the big black hole when I had my first daughter.

The loneliness was the worst thing and especially at night.

I imagine now scrolling Instagram and knowing about other mums feeling a similar way would have helped me realise I was not the only one!

She also loves a bath, preferably alone I’m sure but as us mums know that’s often not the case and we frequently see her and Rex sharing a bath together.

It’s refreshing, its honest, and most importantly its REAL.

She’s also not afraid to show her post baby rolls, her cellulite, her stretchmarks or spots and what I like best is she doesn’t make a big thing of them either.

One of my post baby struggles was adjusting to my new ‘mum bod’ I didn’t like it and couldn’t wait to get back to me!

I admire so much that Stacey seems so body confident. I worked hard after giving birth to get back in my size 8 jeans and eat clean.

It makes me feel better being healthy and exercising. She’s not irritating like other ‘body confident’ females.

She doesn’t start with a whole diatribe of text about why she’s embracing her body.

She doesn’t need to, she is simply just sharing a great picture of her having fun on holiday and that’s all it is.

But for this she’s been hailed a body hero by other women out there.

Other women who are sick of the traditionally perfect celeb body being thrust in their face. Other women who feel like they are less of a woman because they don’t look like the airbrushed bikini / fitness model they have just scrolled past.

What makes it even better is she wears Primark, shops in IKEA, loves the salad bar at the Harvester and is possibly more obsessed with cleaning and organising than Mrs Hinch.

Her ‘tap to tidy’ feature on her stories has taken Instagram by storm – I’m personally obsessed with it as are her 2.6million followers.

They’re far more satisfying to watch than yet another, ‘Hey, I’m at the gym doing 50million reps while my baby sleeps’ stories.

Even when Stacey gets excited about a battery organiser, I don’t find it irritating, oddly, I’m swiping up to buy.

Stacey talks bluntly and openly about her anxiety and is more than happy to share that with the millions of people who follow her.

She’s a regular mum with regular struggles and although she has an unregular job and a celeb status it hasn’t affected her and she is the girl that everyone is tuning into watch.

It’s hard not to get lumped into two categories in the crazy media world.

The shouty, loud, over lip inflated, over airbrushed wax work lookalikes that we so often see reality stars have morphed into.

Or the hairy arm pitted, overzealous man hating feminists.

Often ‘normal’ is overlooked because, quite frankly it’s boring. But Stacey is the proof in the pudding that women want to feel normal.

We are all juggling 100 things at once, trying to be wives, mothers, working women and the like.

Stacey is a breath of fresh air for us. Her childlike excitement and massive enthusiasm of filling up a glass bottle with fabric softener, the fact she puts bath bombs on a cake stand and squeals throwing them into a bath plays to all our inner childlike selves too.

It seems like there is not a bad bone in her body and her simple, candid approach to life and body is making her the poster girl for the modern-day women.

Stacey, I salute you!

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