Superdrug employee reveals store’s secrets including how to get half price perfume & why it pays to shop on a Thursday

WE'VE all been there – you've quickly nipped into Superdrug to buy some more toothpaste and the next thing you know, you're walking out with £20 worth of body sprays, mascara and bargain shower gel.

Well if you also struggle with impulse spending (welcome to the club), then one Superdrug employee has revealed how you can make your money go further by shopping on particular days.

Posting on her YouTube channel, beauty influencer Lauren Jade shared the money-saving tips she's picked up while working at Superdrug.

And let's just say, we'll be planning our makeup shops with military precision from now on.

Save your shopping until Thursday

We know it's tempting to simply stock up on your everyday essentials whenever you walk past a store – but according to Lauren, it's worth waiting until Thursday if you have a Beauty Card.

She explained: "Every Thursday, we do a different treat [for customers with a Beauty Card].

"It'll be on the app and if you ask in store, they'll let you know on the Thursday as we don't know until the day.

"It changes every week. It can be 10 or 20 per cent off something. A three for two offer.

What's more, Lauren says the savings are usually on make-up, skincare, medical essentials and sometimes even their weight loss products.

You get to choose your rewards with the Superdrug App

  • B. Priming Souffle, £9.99 from Superdrug – buy now

Lauren also highlighted how customers can choose their rewards when they use the Beauty Card app.

For every 15 shops, customers can pick a free product from their B. beauty range out of six.

Raving about her freebie, Lauren said: "This is the B priming souffle – it's actually really good and worth £10. It's very blurring on your pores."

Get half price perfume with the store's 'Star Buys'

Every week, Lauren revealed that the chain of stores have a different "Star Buy" which changes every Wednesday.

"It's really random," Lauren said. "This week, we had the coloured hairsprays and the new Rimmel mascara is £5.99 instead of £8."

However, the beauty fan says it's worth keeping an eye on the "Star Buys" as perfumes will often be reduced to half price.

"Some fragrances go more than half price," she said. "A lot of the skincare that I use goes on offer which is great."

If you're shopping in store, Lauren said the bargain product will have a yellow star sticker on it and that the offer lasts until midnight on the Tuesday.

Double your beauty card points when you're on Superdrug Mobile

You may not have heard of Superdrug Mobile – but one of the perks of being on the network is getting double beauty card points.

Lauren said: "You get double points every time you shop if you have a SIM and £20 worth of points when you activate it."

What's more, the £20-a-month mobile plan offers unlimited data and unlimited texts and calls on top of all the Superdrug beauty card perks.

You can use your points to pay for a small fraction of your shop

One of the perks of racking up points on your Superdrug beauty card is how you can use them to shave money off your shop.

Lauren explained: "When you have an Advantage Card with Boots, you have to have the full amount of points to buy that product using your points.

"Say your product is £5, you have to have £5 worth of points [to use them]."

But with Superdrug's beauty card, Lauren highlighted how you can use your points to take a little off your total as and when you feel like it.

"If you have £8 worth of points and your bill is £20, you can take £8 off or £5 off, £2 off or even £1," she said. "It doesn't matter."

Every time you can scan your card, you're in with the chance of winning £100 worth of points

When your purse is all the way at the bottom of your bag, it can be tempting not to scan your loyalty card – but Lauren reminded her viewers that it's worth doing it with every single shop.

She said: "You can win £100 worth of points every time you can your card. It's that simple.

"We've had a few people win it since I've been working there and £100 worth of points can get you a LOT of helpful stuff."

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