The 3 mistakes to avoid when renovating a kitchen – I’m so embarrassed by my house but people say it wasn’t all my fault | The Sun

AN INTERIORS fan has come clean about the top three mistakes she made when renovating her kitchen. 

The DIY fan says the errors were some of her biggest regrets but some people say it wasn't all her fault and it was, in fact, her contractors that let her down. 

Lina shared her list in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Three things that I regret about my kitchen renovation. This is my first time doing anything like this. I designed it myself. "

Lina said she was helping a friend design her kitchen and wanted to make sure her friend didn't make the same mistakes that she did. 

She said: “Currently helping one of my best friends design her kitchen and I'm not gonna let her make the same mistake that I did.”

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The first mistake Lina made was not planning where she would put plug holes in her kitchen, 

She said: “Regret number one… not being aware of my wall outlets.

Lina said: “ Make sure you make your contractor make your wall outlets [plugs] lower to the counter.”

The interior fan explained that although contractors do have to take into consideration how close a plug hole is to water they may still be able to place them conveniently low.”

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She said: “This is a builder grade thing where they make it higher, but look how weird and awkward that is.”


“I was able to catch it on time for this area because they weren't finished building this part, but I made them make the wall outlets lower and look how much more convenient that is.”

The second mistake Lina made was her lighting. 

She said: “Realising that I wanted hard wired lighting under my islands and my kitchen cabinets. When it was too late, they had already installed everything.

The interior fan said she realised too late how convenient under cabinet lighting would have been. 

She said: “Lighting under your cabinet is so aesthetically pleasing, especially at night."

Lina said her final mistake was not placing her dishwasher close to her kitchen sink. 

She said: “This one's a little obvious. Our dishwasher isn't right next to our sink. I didn't think it would be a big deal because our sink is actually 36in long, but we were worried that we wouldn't have enough space to, like, open up the dishwasher door, and people wouldn't be able to walk by.”

“But there's actually a little bit of enough space. There would be enough space to walk through, but we could have made it work right next to the sink. How embarrassing.”

Lina’s confessions racked up over 144,000 views, although viewers admitted Lina had made a few mistakes people say it was her contractors who really let her down. 

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One user said: “Honestly the contractor should have guided you better for the dishwasher.”

Another said: “You should’ve made your wall outlet the same exact material as your backsplash. My Contractor did it for me and it looks really good.”

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