The body part you wash first in the shower says a lot about your personality – it’s bad news if you wash your hair first | The Sun

WHEN it comes to taking a shower our brains usually go into autopilot mode.

But next time you step in, pay attention to what you wash first as it can reveal a lot about your personality.

TikToker, Bernice Angoh, revealed the body part you wash first can reveal some hidden truths about yourself.

If you're someone who washes your face first thing, then it means you care a lot about what people say about you and their perception of you.

But if you tend to dive straight into washing your arms or legs , then you're probably a very humble and down to earth person.

She adds: "Your limbs are a symbol of strength and resilience, you're also very vocal and express yourself freely."


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If you head down below to your private parts first, then you're probably quite shy and prefer to be more reserved.

She added that your shyness could be caused by having self esteem issues and that you find it very hard to stand up for yourself.

You tend to put your needs at the back and prefer to make sure everyone else is comfortable.

Scrubbing your chest first means you're comfortable in your own skin and are super independent.

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Lathering up your hair as soon as you get in the shower suggests you're far too preoccupied with controlling every aspect of your life.

You're somebody who is obsessed with structure, discipline and order and have a very practical approach to life.

Going straight for your shoulders and neck could signify that you're a very hard working person.

She added: "The reason why you go first for your shoulders and your neck is because those are the most stressful parts of your body."

If you tend to start washing your back first then you might be paranoid and always watch your back around people.

Viewers of the video quickly took to the comments section to discuss their findings.

One wrote: "Wow this is spot on! Even seeing how the order of bathing still fits my personality."

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Another person commented: "My arms…I relate to what you said."

A third penned: "I go straight for my privates and I am shy."

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