The modelling agency going to battle against beauty stereotypes

With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, models from across the world have touched down in the French capital city to flaunt haute couture from the most coveted designers.

While those who are chosen to strut the hallowed catwalks are mostly cut from the same modelling cloth, there is one modelling agency in Milan that is looking to turn the preconceived notions of the fashion world on its head.

L’Imperfetta modelling agency was launched in 2020 by Carlotta Giancane, who has over 140 models on her books that defy typical beauty standards.

Imperfetta, which means imperfect in Italian, has models of all sizes and ages, spanning the gender spectrum, some with disabilities or medical conditions like alopecia or vitiligo, visible scarring or who have lost limbs.

While some of the models are based internationally, Giancane wanted to focus on making an impact in Italy in particular.

Her work has seen her place models in campaigns both in online and television campaigns. Meanwhile, two of her models have landed high fashion jobs, walking for designer Marco Rambaldi in Milan Fashion Week.

Now, Giancane has launched a campaign on Instagram to highlight the beauty of ordinary women and their imperfections to show a beauty beyond the catwalk.


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