We tried two viral hacks to get rid of our fake tan, trolls say we did them all wrong but who cares – they worked | The Sun

WITH more people turning to fake tan as opposed to sitting out in the sun, mistakes are not so uncommon. 

And it appears there are many ways to fix the problem – most often by taking part of it off to reapply. 

Now, tanning gurus @hondroutwins have shared two hacks to remove the fake bronze and you only need a few household products. 

“Today we have Jackie and Lydia experimenting with the salt, sugar and toothpaste hack to remove the tan,” they shared. 

Lydia, on the left, tried using just sugar and toothpaste, while Jackie, on the right, used salt and toothpaste. 

“It’s like a little experiment, what’s going to work better,” they continued as the two women rubbed their palms together, mixing the ingredients in. 


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While they couldn’t remember exactly which one worked better than the other, they said: “I do remember them working quite well”. 

Showing off their palms, one appeared darker, indicating that more tan had come off than the other. 

Using a towel, Lydia then wiped the paste off of her palm to show the results of the experiment. 

“I don’t know why I thought it was going to be better, I mean it did work but I feel like there’s a little bit of residue of tan left,” they said in the TikTok clip. 

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Jackie then removed her salt and toothpaste mixture and scrubbed her hand to remove any residue left over.

“They both worked really well, but we all agreed that the salt and toothpaste worked a little bit better,” they added. 

Viewers were quick to comment as one person shared: “Works better if it’s tooth whitening toothpaste,” followed by a  thumbs up emoji. 

Another said: “I think they meant to use them all together,” alongside a crying with laughter emoji.

While a third questioned: “What would happen if you use sugar salt and toothpaste”. [sic]

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