We’re a family of 14 – trolls say our babies are cash cows & we should be ashamed, we barely have space but we love it | The Sun

ONE of Scotland's biggest families has revealed what it's really like living as a family of 14.

Zoe Sullivan, 44 has been pregnant for 19 years, resulting in 12 children with her husband Ben.

The mum explained that many people wanted to be a 'fly on the wall' in the families home to see what goes on in such a big family, which led them to start a social media account.

Although the couple love having a big family and showing it off online, the mum revealed to Truly that it has garnered negative attention.

She read out some of the nastier comments sent to them including 'Your baby is obviously just your cash cow' and 'You and him should be ashamed of yourself.'

Despite trolls claiming their kids are cash cows, Zoe stated the couple provide for their kids financially with Ben at work.


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Many others suspect that the older children are helping raising the younger ones, which Zoe denied.

Zoe's children range from 17-years-old to 10 months.

The couple have Elisabeth, 17, Olivia, 16, Charlotte, 15, Isabelle, 15, Noah, 13, Eva, 11, Toby, 10, Leah, 7, Erin, 7, Agnes, 5, Joseph, 4, and baby Florence, 10 months.

And dad Ben confirmed that the family always had a lot going on with 14 people living under one roof.

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The parents spend at least £200 a week on their food shop alone, making sure the kids are stocked up on snacks and cereal.

The families tiny kitchen is overrun with easy to grab snacks, with crisps being stored above cupboards, and an entire kitchen counter top being used to stash cereal.

She added: "We struggle a little bit with space in this kitchen for food."

And to make sure their money and food stretches, mum Zoe has a hands on approach to ensuring the family stick to a tight budget – already prepared for Christmas this year.

But despite the chaos of a big family, Zoe reveals she would never say she wouldn't have any more childtren.

"Each pregnancy has been a really special time, not just for me, but for everybody," the mum explained.

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