What you see first in this mind-twisting optical illusion reveals the person you become when you fall in love

THE image you see first in this mind-bending optical illusion reveals the type of person you become when you fall in love.

Artist Oleg Shupliak is renowned for combining faces of people and landscapes in his collection of hidden paintings.

His artwork titled "Our thought, our song", consists of a painter and his subject, a woman standing next to a tree, a man with a mustache, and a man without a mustache.

Also hidden within the illusion are houses and an instrument.

Rebecca Stokes, of Your Tango, revealed that if you see the painter and his subject first you are laser-focused on the person you love.

She said: “When you aren’t in love, you spend your time getting to know every single person you meet. You can’t help yourself.”

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Those that see the man who doesn’t have a mustache are more serious and introspective when they enter a relationship.

She said: “Being in a relationship gives you the freedom to sit with yourself and experience your emotions more honestly.”

Those that spot the lady next to the tree see the sensual in everything, according to Stokes.

But, viewers that instantly see the mustached man become a homebody when they fall for someone.

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Stokes said: “When you aren’t in love, you are a truly rootless being.”

But she warned: “It’s awesome that being in love gives you a new awareness of the importance of family and home as the center of your life, but don’t forget that you should still leave the house sometimes, too.”

If you managed to spot the homes first, you are more likely to have a ten-year plan in mind.

Viewers that can see the instrument aren’t artistic but are more creative when they fall in love.


Meanwhile, Shupliak’s painting “Vision in the Mountains” could reveal a lot about your hidden weakness in relationships.

Inside the image, there's a hooded man, a person sitting on his jacket, the face of the Mona Lisa, a man with a beard, and a person sitting on a rock.

Viewers that see the bearded man first have low self-esteem, while those that can instantly spot the hooded man tend to flare up and have a bad temper.

But, if you can spot the face of the Mona Lisa it means you have a romanticized view of life.

And, Shupliak’s artwork titled “Ivan Hrozniy kills his son” could reveal what you find least attractive in relationships.

At first glance, the murder scene may seem quite clear.

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But, those that see the man’s face first hate a stubborn streak.

Those that can spot the angry man first do not like people who have a short temper.

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