Why Kate Middleton wears three rings on her wedding finger

IT'S hard to miss Kate Middleton's huge sapphire engagement ring – as well as her Welsh gold wedding band – but have you noticed her third ring?

Eagle-eyed royal fans have noticed the Duchess of Cambridge actually wears three pieces of jewellery on her wedding ring finger, also stacking a white gold style studded with diamonds.

The beautiful and delicate style has a touching story, too.

The £995 Eclipse Diamond Eternity Ring by Annoushka is thought the be a gift from Prince William, following the birth of Prince George – now aged seven.

The 0.23 carat diamond ring sits alongside Kate's wedding band, which is made from Welsh gold.

The delicate style can be hard to see in comparison to Kate's enormous engagement sapphire, which once belonged to Princess Diana.

It's thought the diamond ring isn't the only style William has gifted Kate.

The Duke is believed to have given the mum-of-three a beautiful rose gold style while they were studying at St Andrew's, in the early years of their relationship.

Kate was spotted wearing the ring – which features both the couple's birthstones – on their graduation ceremony in 2015.

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