Woman discovers ‘creepy murder room’ in her new home & people are convinced ‘someone was held captive there’

A TIKTOK user freaked people out after sharing a video of her friend’s new house, which featured a disturbing room.

Amelia (@slowgoldie), based in Sheffield, revealed that her best friend had just moved into a new house with her boyfriend.

Her friend decided to send her a video tour of the new property, so Amelia could see what it looked like.

Sounds harmless enough.

To add to the atmosphere, Amelia added the X Files theme song to build the mystery.

During the house tour, the friend runs upstairs to show Amelia their new bedroom, where she points out a big window and a random piece of cable on the floor.

The friend then noticed a large old-fashioned key that had been left on top of a plug socket.

“Ohhh it’s a cool key,” she says.

She picks it up, thinking it must be used to lock the bedroom’s wooden door.

However, she then spots something very sinister.

She says: “Does that not look like… what? You can padlock the door closed from the outside? That's… what?"

The woman looks baffled and slightly disturbed by the padlock as she tried to make sense of it in her head, before moving onto the nursery.

The video has been viewed over 8.2million times and amassed a huge 1.3million likes.

But the clip has left viewers spooked by the room’s strange features.

One wrote: “Nice, a fresh murder house.”

Another commented: “Someone was definitely held captive there… just by feeling the energy off that room.”

Hundreds of TikTok users started to share their creepy house stories in the comments – with some thinking the padlock wasn’t totally unusual.

Someone wrote: “My bf’s old shared house was like this. They didn’t have lock so they all installed padlocks on their doors to stop one housemate from stealing things.”

However, some were more ominous.

One user said: “The house my parents bought had locks on outside of all the doors. The previous owners were foster parents…”

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