Woman gets roasted for her whopping £1 bra haul from New Look as everyone’s saying the same thing

A DELIGHTED woman shared her New Look bra haul online…only to receive a reaction she did NOT expect.

The savvy shopper was thrilled that she'd managed to pick up 15 bras for a pound a piece in the high street retailer's sale.

Taking to Facebook to spread the word about the rock-bottom prices at New Look, her humongous haul caught plenty of attention.

Her post of her lingerie haul gained thousands of comments as women weighed in on her bargain buys.

The takes on her finds were varied as some of the 1k comments were jealous and some were overjoyed that she managed to bag the lot.


Some women came for her, claiming she had taken more than she should have done.

"That is more bras than I have owned in my life," one commenter teased.

One angrily asked: "Why would anyone need 15 bras? I don't think I ever had more than a weeks worth even when I was younger and sexy."

"You should have bought another 4, then you could have worn 3 a day." Another joked.

Shocked at the huge haul, one said: "Good grief that's a lot of bras. You can only wear one at a time and you only need one of each colour, but each to their own."

"Nobody needs this amount of bras, unless you have a house full of women. One bra does me." said another, as many agreed they have very few bras that they wash and wear in rotation.

Many joked that she had emptied the store as she had bought so many, saying: "And now there is none left because she took them all!

Some positive comments said that she was right to nab a lot as they would have done the same thing.

"Well done you. I'd have cleared the shelves if my big ole boobs could fit in them," said one, who admitted they would've got them all if they were in her position.

"Anyone with half a brain cell would have stocked up. Bras are bloody expensive! Well done on your find!" praised another commenter.

Another woman in the comments had managed to nab the same bargain and shared her haul as her mum had bought enough for her and her sisters.

Many made the same complaint that they did not have the right bra size to be able to nab the bargains so easily as bigger sizes are often more expensive.

"Its alright if they have your bra size! Don't think I'd get a bargain like that."

"I'd love that many but my size costs a fortune," said one forlornly.

"I'm forever scouring round for my size but pigs will fly before I find any even less than 15 pound id be chuffed," added another as she admitted big bras come at a premium.

"Amazing buys! I can only dream of being able to buy a bra from anywhere like New Look. They don't supply hammocks."

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