Woman issues stark warning after controversial new 'strip' lip filler technique made her pout clumpy | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has issued a stark warning to anyone looking to get “strip” lip filler.

The process involves having your lips contorted and taped to completely change their shape once the filler is injected. 

However, doctors have revealed it is a recipe for migration – where the filler moves behind the lips and into the face – and distorting the face. 

When Caitlyn went to have the technique done, the practitioner also dissolved her existing lip filler in the same session.

Practitioners should make clients wait at least two weeks after dissolving their lip filler before injecting a fresh round. 

This is because hyaluronidase, the dissolving agent, stays active in the lips for 14 days and can break down the new filler both totally and unevenly – as demonstrated through Caitlyn’s lips. 

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It caused Caitlyn’s pout to become bumpy and uneven, pushing her to issue a stark warning on TikTok with pictures of her botched mouth.

She said “This is your sign.

“Do not get the strip lip technique.”

Showing a ‘before’ picture, Caitlyn explained: “These were my lips before.

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“This technique is where dissolver and filler are used in the same sitting, which I chose to get rid of migration.”

Caitlyn then shared her ‘after’ picture of a bumpy and uneven pout.

She warned: “This is what I was left with. 

“I was told it may just take a few sessions.

“Avoid, it’s a waste of money.”

The caption continued: “Do not get this technique.

“My filler dissolved in clumps leaving sections of my lips with no filler. 

“After a few days of noticing this happen, I contacted the practitioner and was told my lips were still swollen. 

“Also telling me that I may just need a few more sessions of this technique.”

Viewers of Caitlyn’s video agreed that what the practitioner had done to her lips was “horrendous” and urged her to reveal their name to prevent it from happening to more women. 

One said: “I don’t know how any professional practitioner can even do this technique, it's awful.

“Hope you’re okay.”

A second penned: “I’m so sorry this has happened to you, from an aesthetic practitioner.

“What on earth did they do and use?”

Aesthetic practitioner and ex-NHS doctor Dr Jonny Betteridge said using medical tape for lip filler is a “pointless” practice. 

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He assured lips should not be held in place and rather filler injected to enhance their natural shape. 

Dr Betteridge added: “I just wish we could stop doing this to people’s faces and normalising this aesthetic.”

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