Woman keeps her loo smelling fresh without cleaning it everyday – and all you need is a bottle of Fabuloso & a knife

EVEN if you don’t scrub your house top to bottom every day like Mrs Hinch, you can’t avoid cleaning your toilet regularly. 

But if you’re bored of scrubbing it constantly, one woman has shared her nifty hack to keep it smelling fresh every day – with minimal effort. 

She shared a clip to TikTok, showing her grabbing a full bottle of scented Fabulouso, in ocean paradise scent. 

The woman, called Sheiskd, then takes a knife and makes a small hole at the bottom.

She then pops the full bottle into her toilet tank, with a little bit of Fabuloso released every day, making her toilet smell heavenly. 

In a follow up video she films the set-up as she explains exactly how it works. 

She said: “As you can see it’s pretty full, in the corner. It’s not floating around.

“It slowly releases into the water, it smells amazing every time I walk into the bathroom, and when I flush the toilet. 

“Here’s me flushing the toilet so you can see how it works.”

More than 24 million people have watched the tip, as they claimed they were going to try out the hack in their own bathroom.

One person commented: "Now the price will go up because the store is gonna sell out FAST because of this."

Someone else wrote: "I didn't even think of this."

A third said: "This is smart."

While somebody else advised: "Just take the paper off the bottle first but I'm definitely doing this."

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