Woman who was insulted because of her dress on Tinder is made an ASOS model

‘Is your head that far up your own arse that you thought your opinion mattered?’

Did George apologise? Of course not. Obviously, he continued to insult her: ‘Literally had to tell you else I wouldn’t have slept.

‘It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job!

‘I tell you what… GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks. Hope this helps’.

You know what George, it actually did help – because now Thea is proudly rocking her dusky pink dress on the ASOS website – and she looks amazing.

ASOS noticed Thea’s story after her original tweet garnered more than 98,000 likes and 7,600 retweets.

The ASOS Twitter account responded directly to Thea’s tweet telling her to check her DMs:

The cynical may say that it’s a clever marketing ploy by the online fashion retailer, but it definitely warms our hearts to see Thea get her revenge in the classiest of ways.

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