Women reveal the genius ways they’ve banished boob sweat during the heatwave

HEADING out in a heatwave is sticky work and it's not so fun when you find yourself dripping in sweat in a number of awkward places.

Boob sweat can be a real struggle when those temperatures climb, but women have been sharing the clever hacks they swear by for banishing any problematic perspiration around the bust.

One woman was seen calling on her fellow females for advice on how best to deal with sweaty breasts in a Facebook post she shared to group Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas.

She was inundated with tips and tricks, with thousands of women commenting on her post and revealing the genius way they use things like sanitary towels and odd socks to solve their sweaty chest woes.

"OK ladies I need help! Best thing for boob sweat??" quizzed one woman, with another responding and telling her to pad her bra out with panty liners.

"Stick a panty liner in your Bra in both cups. That’s what I do and it works," they replied.

Explaining exactly what to do with them, they added: "Sticky side to the bra, absorbent side to the boobzicle (sic)."

Others seemed pretty convinced by the idea, with one person replying: "That's genius, gotta try it."

One woman shared that she swears by breastfeeding pads, despite not being pregnant herself, adding: "Breastfeeding pads they work wonders I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding and they are amazing haha."

Making great use out of their odd socks, another revealed: "Personally, I've always used odd socks that we all have lying around from time to time. Works an absolute treat … the bra line holds it in place, truly it does!!! Then I change it every 4 or so hours depending on how hot it is etc. You'll be surprised how hot and wet the sock will be to touch, yet there's not an ounce of sweat or soreness under the boob."

One more advised using roll-on deodrant underneath the boobs, as they commented: "Roll on antiperspirant. A different one to the underarms lol don't spread the germs."

Others preferred to turn to medical creams or treatments to tackle heat rash and sore skin under their breasts when the weather is hot.

Recommending Lanacane anti-chafing gel, one woman posted: "I found this in Sainsbury’s and it has been a life saver. I was in such pain from heat rash and skin splitting under my breasts and this has been a game changer!!

I felt like the only one who suffered and it's embarrassing

"In 3 days my skin started to heal and it finally looks normal again. You only need a pea sized amount so it lasts for ages!! I keep it in my hand bag as a few very hot days I’ve needed a top up mid afternoon. I can’t recommend this enough. I can finally play with my kids pain free."

The post seemed to come in handy for a number of woman, with many sharing how grateful they were to finally be told about a number of tips and tricks after suffering with their boobs during their heat.

"I have the same issues and reading these comments helps me so much I felt like the only one who suffered and it's embarrassing and I feel so ashamed," revealed one woman.

"I've tried so much with other things talc savlon etc and everything just makes it worse and it's so embarrassing and I don't talk about it… I avoid being near [my partner] when Im like that because it's horrible and embarrassing.

"Thank you so much for asking the question and for others answering and helping me so much you don't understand just how much reading this has helped me so much xxx."

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