You have 20/20 vision if you can see a cat hiding in the backyard in this mind-boggling optical illusion | The Sun

THIS animal themed optical illusion can test if you have 20/20 vision.

Can you spot the cat hidden in this tricky illusion?

These pets can be mischievous and are prone to hiding from their owners and others. 

This picture is no less difficult but can you find the cat?

The photo had been taken in a backyard so the image is full of greenery and plants.

Grass covers the top right of the image while several tree stumps are to the right of the scene.

The bottom of the image is full of bushes and shrubs that would make it easy for any animal to hide in.

These bushes also appear to be home to a vegetable patch as bright fruits are growing among the greenery. 

Have you spotted the cat yet?

If not, here is a hint.

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Cast your eyes to the left hand side of the photo and you might get closer to the cat.

If you still can’t spot the four-legged pet, here is another hint.

Have a look between the wooden stumps and bushes to see if you can spot a pair of bright eyes looking back at you. 

If you still can’t spot the cat then you can find the solution image below. 

Test your vision again with another animal themed illusion.

Can you spot the dog hiding somewhere in its owner's lounge in under five seconds?

Try a different kind of illusion and see if you can spot the differences between these two fish bowls in under 10 seconds. 

This tricky test has three differences for people to spot but can you do it in time?

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