You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the skull among the pumpkins in less than 15 seconds | The Sun

AN infuriating new brainteaser has left even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers scratching their heads.

Can you spot the skull hidden among a crowd of carved pumpkins?

The tricky mind-bender was created by UK-based printing company Instantprint ahead of Halloween.

There’s a 15-second record to beat and many puzzlers have given up searching after running out of time.

You likely have superior observation skills and sharp vision if you’re able to solve the challenge. 

Set a timer to put yourself to the test and think strategically.

Do you think you’ve already spotted the skull among the array of pumpkins?

It’s easy to get distracted by the other quirky Halloween elements including a zombie arm, spooky tree, cross, and gravestone.

The majority of items in the image are similar in colors and shapes which plays tricks on the mind. 

The brainteaser requires the ability to pay attention to even the smallest details.

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Here’s a hint: The skull's eyes are round in shape.

If you still can’t spot the skull among the pumpkin in the busy scene scroll down for the solution. 

The skull blends in, but you can spot it in the top right corner with round-shaped eyes and no stalk.

The puzzle is the latest in a series of challenges designed to put even the sharpest minds to the test.

You may have a high IQ if you can spot the scarf hidden among colorful fallen leaves and pumpkins.

Women’s fashion retailer Quiz designed a tricky brainteaser to keep people busy while enjoying cozy nights in this season.

Players have just 30 seconds to spot the hidden scarf in the busy image.

It is easy to be distracted by the mind-boggling array of seasonal items including leaves and cinnamon sticks.

Many people have overlooked the scarf despite it being hidden in plain sight. 

Do you think you’ve found the scarf yet?

Here’s a clue: The wardrobe staple is perhaps the only item in the image that doesn’t have round edges.

If you’re still struggling to find the scarf scroll down for the solution below.

If you whizzed through those two challenges with ease, a third brainteaser may finally leave you stumped.

Can you spot the pumpkin full of treats among the colorful Halloween decorations?

Online Mortgage Advisor included scary ghosts, zombies, and cats to make it difficult for puzzlers to focus when solving their optical illusion.

Don’t forget to set a timer as there is a nine-second record to beat.

Even the most hawk-eyed puzzlers have admitted they weren’t able to spot the pumpkin before running out of time.

Knowing where to start looking for the pumpkin can be extremely overwhelming.

Try focusing on the outer edges of the image and try not to get distracted by the random expressions on the ghosts' faces.

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Here’s a hint: Take a closer look at the top right. 

If you’re unable to solve the challenge, scroll down to check your guess against the solution. 

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