You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the 1 hidden among the 7s in just 10 seconds | The Sun

PLAYERS have the eyes of a hawk if they can spot the number 1 hidden among the 7s.

The mind boggling optical illusion has users wracking their brains to find the elusive digit – in only 10 seconds.

At first glance, all you’ll register is a sea of the number seven but there’s a cheeky twist. 

Set your clock to ten seconds and see if you can find the number 1 – ready to go?

The brain teaser, originally shared by Freshers Live, can be solved by looking to the third digit from the right, in the third row.

According to experts from Freshers Live, optical illusions such as this can help make your brain stronger.

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So why not try some more?

A hidden bear lurks somewhere in this optical illusion – can you find it in 15 seconds?

Only people with a high IQ will be able to solve this puzzle in a flash, according to creators.

Or, try spotting the seven differences between these cartoon images created by artist Gergely Dudás.

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