You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot the sneaky cat lurking in the messy living room in under 10 seconds | The Sun

PEOPLE have been trying to spot the cat amidst the holiday decor.

There is a sneaky cat hiding in plain sight in this home, are you able to spot it?

This brain teaser requires perfect vision to catch this feline amongst the holiday clutter.

The photo captures a messy living room with a Christmas tree, lights, and flowers.

Between the many different objects and furniture, there is a cat finding its way through the home.

Most people need a few minutes to find the cat, so if you can find it within ten seconds you have eyes like a hawk.

If this puzzle is more challenging than you expected, focus your eyes on the center of the image.

From there you should see the sneaky pet hiding out in the open.

Cat lovers also have the opportunity to find another feline friend hiding on a television stand.

If you can find this cat within 12 seconds you have better eyes than most people.

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At first glance, the photo features a television surrounded by books and plants. However, lurking between the shelves is a sneaky cat.

This brainteaser is particularly challenging because the bright colors from the books distract you from the cat that's right in front of your eyes.

Users on X struggled to find the kitten in the photo.

"Stumped! My husband tried (very hard) and finally gave up!" wrote one person in the comments section.

"Omg it took me so long," said another.

If you need help, focus your eyes on the middle of the photo, and you will find your cat lounging around.

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