You've been putting your foundation on all wrong – here's to banish that 'fuzzy face' for good

A MAKE-UP artist has shared the easy way you can stop your peach fuzz from looking as noticeable.

Although plans with friends and family may have started to get cancelled, we all want to look and feel our best during the festive season.

And one make-up artist on TikTok, makeupmafiaxx, has revealed how to look our best for those Christmas selfies.

Makeupmafiaxx taught users how to apply their foundation correctly in a video that has already been viewed over 800k times.

In the video, the makeup artist, known as makeupmafia online said: "You are putting on your foundation wrong and let me tell you why.

The woman who is from America but now lives in Canada said that blending your foundation into your skin using circular motions is actually just moving the product around, as well as disturbing any peach fuzz you have.

She added: "Therefore, it is going to look all bumpy.

"If you want more of an airbrushed look, take your foundation brush and press down into the skin."

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She said if you continue to brush down in the same direction it will make your skin appear smoother as you are not disturbing any of the tiny hairs on your face.

While some users couldn't wait to try the technique, there were others who thought it wouldn't work for them.

One wrote: "If you use a brush your already putting your makeup on wrong, use a roller or best are fingers, the heat from your fingers spreads it better."

"No one is doing it wrong. They do it differently. fashion and advice vary. Do you!" Said another user.

Some users were impressed by the hack, one said: "Thanks for this gonna try this tomorrow!"

Another wrote: "Ok this got me shocked I’m so trying this thank you for the tip."

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