You’ve been washing your hair all wrong – hairdresser reveals exactly what you should be doing to banish dry ends

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed the correct way you should be washing your hair – and you've probably been doing it all wrong.

Turns out you've more than likely been drying out the end of your locks by using way too much shampoo and lathering it through all the hair on your head.

If that sounds familiar, then you may want to pay attention to one hair professional who has revealed the correct way to shampoo your tresses on TikTok.

In a video that has now been watched over 9.6million times, they demonstrated how NOT to wash your hair and we guarantee it's the method more than most have been using in the shower.

The stylist is seen lathering up the shampoo on her head and massaging it in to all sections of her hair, including the ends she piles up onto her roots.

Including a warning in the clip, the haircare pro reveals: "This is how NOT to wash your hair, it's just the roots that need to be shampooed."

"Shampoo ONLY your roots and scalp," they stress. "Shampooing the ends will dry out your hair."

They then followed up their post with another video demonstrating the correct way to wash your hair in the shower.

"Yes there's a right and wrong way to shampoo," they revealed, as they began by detangling their long locks.

The next step was to rinse the hair with warm water, before shampooing.

And if you're used to treating yourself to a huge dollop of shampoo to freshen up your bonce, then think again.

They revealed that only a "quarter size amount" of shampoo is actually needed to clean the scalp and roots.

"Rub it between your hands to emulsify. Shampoo ONLY your roots and scalp," the stylist advised.

Leaving the ends to be tackled with conditioner, they explained the best way to work the shampoo into the top of the hair is by using "back and forth motions with your fingertips".

People watching were baffled by the pro's method, as the post racked up over 4k comments.

"Omg really? I've always washed my entire head, that explains sm (sic)," said one person in response.


Another said: "OMG TYSM [thank you so much] MY ENDS ARE ALWAYS DRYYYYY."

A third tried and tested the method and was one happy customer as they revealed: "This woman saved my hair y'all."

Others criticised the method and insisted they were still going to wash their entire head of hair with shampoo, with one person throwing their support behind the stylist's method, as they hit back: "Don't get the negative comments… I started doing this a year ago (and only conditioning ends) and my hair has grown SO much."

Some people with short hair, however, questioned how they could avoid shampoo getting on the ends of their hair, as one person posted: "My hair and bangs are so short that I can't wash just the roots?"

Another offered: "Basically what they mean is u (sic) use most of it on the roots and use very little on the tips and do the opposite for conditioner."

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