22 Best shapewear 2022: our top selection for smoothing and sculpting

WHETHER you want to smooth out your figure when wearing a tight-fitting dress, or just want to give your butt a little lift in your jeans, the best shapewear can have you feeling that little bit more confident.

Of course, everyone is beautiful whatever their size. But some women like to shop the best shape wear to smooth out any lumps or bumps, and get a bit more support than any underwear gives.

Gone are the days of shape wear suffocating you, digging into your sides, and leaving you day-dreaming of taking it off later, modern shape wear ranges are so comfortable you hardly feel them at all.

Although you're welcome to sculpt your body as much as your heart desires, you don't have to go full Kim Kardashian-effect as there are loads of more subtle designs on the market that do the job well enough.

There are bodysuits, high-waisted shorts, leggings, and tops, built with suction-stretch for wearing underneath your clothes.

You can try out old-timers like Spanx, or newer brands like Heist Studios – to help you decide, we've found the best shapewear to shop now.

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