5 easiest house plants to keep alive – a guide to home care

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House plants are easily the most sought-after home decor among millennials and younger generations – and they’re certainly not wrong. But many have problems keeping house plants alive. So which are the easiest house plants to care for?


One of the hardiest house plants around, Sansevieria’s are among the easiest plants in the world to keep alive.

They have no preference for bright or low light, and will be happy anywhere you put them.

They don’t need much water either, are happy drying out between waterings, and have little temperature sensitivity.

Hedgehog Aloe

A cousin of the aloe vera plants, these spiky plants are as low maintenance as they come.

All they need to thrive is bright sunlight, and they can even be happy outside in the summer months.

They also won’t mind if you forget to water them every once in a while.


An instant classic, monstera plants are among the popular house plants right now.

Their huge leaves make a brilliant addition to any room, and they are very forgiving if you over or under water them.

They can thrive in almost all light conditions, and don’t take a great amount of watering to keep them happy.

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ZZ plant

The more attention you pay to a ZZ plant, the more it will dislike you.

Best left almost completely alone, ZZ plants are happy left mostly dry and require very little water when you do remember.

It also thrives in areas where many plants don’t, making it one of the best office plants or bathroom plants.

Spider plant

A medium-sized plant, the spider plant thrive happily in almost all home conditions.

It will fare best in bright, indirect sunlight, and will tolerate you if you miss a watering here and there.

Water your Spider Plant whenever the top two inches of soil are dry and it will be perfectly happy in your home.

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