6 Best St Patrick's Day Decorations 2020 | The Sun UK

ST PATRICK'S DAY is a day of parades, parties and pubs.

It's also a fun opportunity to get together with friends and family for some celebrations at home – and you're going to need the best St Patrick's Day decorations to give your space some 'wow' factor.

There are a couple of different ways to embrace St Paddy's Day decorating, but one colour is sure to play a central role: green of course.

Not only is green the official St Patrick's Day colour nowadays (once upon a time, believe it or not, it was blue), it's said to be lucky.

You can go subtle – like laying a table with green-tinged glassware, or adding some green candles to your space.

Or you can really go for it, with green pom-pom lanterns or leprechaun figurines.

One lovely way to get in the St Patrick's Day spirit with decorations is with plants. Shamrocks, bells of Ireland and green carnations are the signature plants associated with the Day, but any green foliage will work a treat.

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