9 Ways The Mysterious Sia Furler Earned $30 Million

Sia has a powerful voice, and a stage presence that oozes her genuine love for well woven lyrics and vibrant sounds. She is dedicated to her craft and is an immensely talented artist. Best known for her desire to conceal her identity behind a series of bold wigs and costumes, Sia shies away from the spotlight and has battled a series of addictions and physical health struggles during her rise to the top of her career. Proving that nothing will stand in the way of her passion for creating music, and that her polarizing vocals are a true force to be reckoned with, she has persevered and has gone on to establish a massive net worth of just over $30 million. Tuko reports that her earnings continue to grow exponentially each year. Let’s enter the mysterious life of Sia Furler, the lady in the wig with her eyes covered, giving fans across the globe goosebumps with the sound of her voice.

9 Performing With Various Artists

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Sia started off as a member of the band Crisp, which ultimately ended up going their separate ways in 1997. She then dove in to her solo career and joined forces with a series of other artists for performances and tours. She has shared the stage with iconic musicians such and gained huge notoriety in England when one of her solo songs, Taken For Granted, rose to the top of the charts.

Realizing she had the itch to do more than collaborate with others, she signed with Dance Pool, a subsidiary of Sony, and started her career as a solo artist.

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8 Breaking Into A Solo Career With Breathe Me

Sia doesn’t just create music, she breathes music. Her talent is a powerful force that is visible through each song she pens or sings.

When she released her single Breathe Me in 2005, it was picked up by producers and used in the filming of the final scene for the popular television show Six Feet Under, and the world quickly took notice of her impeccably smooth voice and her lyrical precision.

According to MSN Entertainment, “the song became an instant international hit and the single sold more than a million copies, making the singer a star.”

7 Reclusive Writing

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It’s not a secret that Sia detests the spotlight of fame being shone upon her. She thrives when she’s in the studio creating music and playing with sounds, but as much as she dominates the stage, she equally detests that all eyes are on her.

She opts to conceal her identity when performing, and has done interviews from behind, with the cameras facing the back of her head instead of capturing her face.

Her disinterest in being thrust into fame led her to invest her time penning lyrics for other artists, rather than being on stage herself. She wrote Titanium in 2011, which was released by David Guetta. The song went on to sell nearly 5 million copies.

That was immediately followed by Wild Ones, which went to Flo Rida, and Sia left herself a little bit of leeway by performing guest vocals on the song. It took less than a year for this song to sell in excess of 6.5 million copies, and as reported by Tuko, this song became one of the most popular singles in history.

She didn’t stop there.

Sia also penned Diamonds for Rihanna which skyrocketed to the top of the charts and clinched the number 1 spot.

Her lyrics have also been responsible for hits sung by Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.

6 The Voice

Sia was paid a hefty, yet undisclosed amount of money to appear on The Voice as a guest mentor. Her expertise and notoriety for cultivating number one hits was in high demand and she was idolized by many young artists who aspire to reach her level of success.

Her love of The Voice might also tie-in with her love of reality television. Surivor, the CBS juggernaut where contestants are dropped on an island, has welcomed Sia to their finale on a number of occasions. She then doles out additional prizes, hundreds of thousands of dollars, to her favorite castaways.

5 Movie Song Status

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Getting paid for songs is her specialty and Sia has left no stone unturned. She’s churned out the hits to the general public and has served up a few beauties that were reserved for movie-song-status.

Topping her income potential, she was paid an astronomical amount of money for her songs to be used in a series of widely successful films.

She released Elastic Heart as the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, in 2013, and the song was performed by Diplo and The Weeknd.

Among other movies, her music has also been featured in Wonder Woman, Finding Dory, and Fifty Shades of Grey. She has even made an appearance in the movie Charming, which co stars Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. In this instance, rather than dubbing the soundtrack, Sia voices the character Half Oracle.

4 Repetto Shoes

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There was a time when Sia couldn’t afford to buy Repetto shoes for herself. Now she has her own version of them released under her name.

The ultimate comfort in casual wear with fancy twist, these shoes are made for dancing, and Sia’s collection is as colorful as they are fun.

Sia is supremely proud of her collaborative efforts in designing these shoes, and she likely dances all the way to the bank while wearing them.

3 Taking The Spotlight On Her Own Terms

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After a series of struggles with addiction and after contending with chronic illness, Sia decided to take the reigns on her life and throw herself back into the spotlight as a solo artist to do what she was most passionate about in life – create music.

She made her comeback in 2014, at which time she launched the 1000 Forms of Fear album, instantly selling more than a million copies and getting 4 Grammy nods.

The most successful song on that album was undoubtedly Chandelier. It has well over 1 billion views on YouTube and Billboard reports that from Spotify alone, this song earned $180,000-$250,000.


2 Very Private Concerts

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Sia is so elusive that many stars are mesmerized by her tantalizing sounds and mystical demeanor. She has been hired for a series of VIP private events that she keeps under wraps.

Earning top dollar for exclusive and private affairs, Sia has made personal appearances for the most prominent celebrities, including performing at the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in 2015.

1 The Movie Called Music

In 2021, Sia’s directorial skills were put on the big screen for all to enjoy through the movie called Music. Sia raked in the dough as the director of the film, but the movie in general didn’t perform as expected. Accused of misrepresenting the autistic community, Sia’s ratings fell, and she was forced to defend her decisions and explain her misguided intentions.

The sky is the limit for Sia, and there’s no telling what she’ll do next. The one thing that is for certain is that her net worth will continue to soar each time she puts pen to paper, or steps in to a sound booth. This incredibly talented singer and songwriter is far from finished with entertaining the masses.

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