A Peek Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Mid-Century Malibu Beach House

 Ellen Pompeo is valued high for her estimated $80 million net worth.

Ellen had scoped the property years ago but couldn’t buy it then. In 2013, when it came back on the real estate market she immediately took the offer.

A Perfect Beachfront Weekend Home


According to Dirt, the Malibu property was up for $20 million in 2007, by 2013 the price dropped to $6.5 million. Ellen and her music producer husband jumped at the opportunity and purchased it for $6.365 million. The previous owners of the stunning oceanfront estate were Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman and her composer husband Michael. The almost 3,000 square feet luxurious space comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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The teak-sheathed structure is designed by famed mid-century architects Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman. After buying the property Pompeo partnered with British architect Martyn Lawrence Bullard to turn the 2,130 square feet space into a sprawling living area. Built more for a family rather than designing it like a spa or museum the beach house comes with earthy concrete and a fancy Moroccan-style aesthetic.

The Natural Lighting And Bold Interior

Incorporating natural lighting the stunning interior is designed with fluidity and matching furniture. The highlight of the living room is the floor-to-ceiling windows throwing in ample sunlight during the day. According to Daily Mail, the center of attention in the family room is the vintage DeSede leather sofa with unique patchwork dating back to the 60s. The black and gray marble tones on the wall are inspired by this sofa piece. The far end of the room features a trendy bar cart for entertaining guests.

Everything inside the beach house is from the 60s era, the elegantly large hexagonal dining table is originally a cutting table from the Yves Saint Laurent studio. The actress expressed her kids’ love to spend time around the vintage area during dinner time. The formal dining area comes with uninterrupted views of the blue ocean. It is situated across the hexagonal table with vintage leather chairs. The lighting in the area is also inspired by retro Hollywood, the round globes chandelier complements the ambiance of the outdoor dining arrangement.

The master suite has an imposing black, white and gray marble slab towards the contrast of the four-poster bed in dark wood. Willian Jewell stone chairs adorn the patio that opens up from the master bathroom. The main bath is done up in white marble with a large sunken bathtub for relaxation. According to People, the property was expanded into having a lavish front and central courtyard. The photographs on the wall are a nod to legends Diana Ross and Grace Jones. The children’s room is done up in tones of green and purple with four bunk beds. The guest room pays homage to black history with monotone pictures on the wall and white wooden panels.

A Compact Kitchen And Lush Outdoors


The secluded family estate with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean is designed for natural living. It boasts rickety wooden chairs and a plush sofa with a huge fire pit for entertaining in the garden overlooking the ocean. An emerald sofa inspired by the Yucca glades adorns the high tier from the fire pit seating area.

The shallow pool area comes with a complete bar setup where the family enjoys churning out mocktails for their guests. It also comes with a cabana-style relaxation area and a space for sunbathing. Modern music equipment completes the poolside for blasting out chart-busting numbers while friends and family visit. According to Apartment Therapy, Ellen has plenty of rules while using the compact kitchen. Since it is tightly spaced and she often churns out healthy meals the space needs to be a visitor-free zone while she cooks. Family and guests are allowed only till the bar stools on the other side of the immaculately white counter space. The space is also equipped with modern-day appliances to whip out gourmet meals.

A mix of earthy tones and concrete flooring the interior of the kitchen is kept in a simple design. There is functionality and storage when it comes to using the cooking space. The black marble countertop complements the rest of the design pattern running around the beach house. Jars bought from Parisian flea markets adorn the shelves, and the kitchen overlooks the lazy-Susan-inspired formal dining area.

Surrounded by tropical plants and giving a sense of security with the teak exterior the modern beach house stretches with vintage memorabilia. Ellen has indeed tastefully decorated the space giving it a vibrant personality and also creating a cozy family space overlooking the Pacific.

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