A Peek Inside Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidsons Lavish Vacations

Kim Kardashian has had a plethora of Hollywood boyfriends and just when you thought she was settled down for good with Kayne West – rumors of their divorce started to spark. Flashback to February 2021, Kardashian officially filed for divorce from her designer-rapper husband after nearly seven years of marriage. The two share four children together and had multiple homes together. The divorce seemed amicable in the beginning, with Kim even appearing in Kanye’s “Donda” event wearing a white wedding dress.

That all changed the moment the couple started dating other people. Kanye moved on with a few models and the infamous Julia Fox while Kim kept it single for a while. That was until she met Pete Davidson after hosting Saturday Night Live in October 2021. According to Kim, “I wasn’t even thinking like, Oh my god, I’m gonna be in a relationship with him (Pete)…I was just thinking, Heard about this BDE, need to get out there… I was just basically DTF” the star stated on her show “The Kardashians”. Their romance was short-lived when they broke up in August 2022 but the romance seemed to do the trick with Davidson and Kardashian seen on many vacations together when they weren’t in the public eye. These vacations weren’t your regular all-inclusive resort, as per Kardashian style, but rather the most exclusive and expensive resorts a star can find. Now that the pair have called it quits, take a walk down memory lane with their most lavish vacation spots.

Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm may not be the most lavish vacation spot but it’s important to mention as this seems to be the couple’s first official date and the first time cameras caught wind of the unexpected romance. Back in November 2021, the pair went on a double date with Kim’s sister, Kourtney and her beau Travis Barker, to the amusement park in L.A. The two couples’ rented out the amusement park to themselves one night and enjoyed the rides and festivities without the attention of the paparazzi. Not that the freedom lasted long with photos of Pete and Kim holding hands while on a ride surfacing on the internet not too long after. Twitter exploded with the news since many people wouldn’t believe the pair were dating thinking the reality star and the SNL comedian to be part of two different worlds. Little did anyone know this brewing romance was about to become very official.

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The Bahamas

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The couple rang in the 2022 New Year together in the Bahamas as their first official “baecation”. The two stayed on at the Baker’s Bay Gold & Ocean Club with some friends and tried to keep things lowkey. Custom cottages in the Abaco islands, where Baker’s Bay is located, can cost a hefty penny with some luxury resort homes going between 1.5 million and 10 million USD. The resort is breathtaking with white sandy beachfront, and aesthetic cottages.  The two soaked up some sun and Kardashian even admitted to throwing her phone in the ocean to avoid contact with the outside world and her estranged husband. Kim explained during a Vogue interview, “We’re on f***ing vacation. We haven’t been on vacation in a long time”.


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Fast forward to June 2022 and the pair went on their second vacation together, this time alone, to the French Polynesian island of Tahiti. Tahiti is a paradise if you got the funds which Kardashian doesn’t need to worry about. Kim posted the two kayaking and paddle boarding together and taking their time tanning on the breath-taking beach. The gorgeous, tropical backdrop served its purpose for Kim’s social media content as Pete played Instagram boyfriend taking photos of the star for her various pages. The two stayed in another luxury resort called The Brando which was where Kim also spent her 40th birthday. This was the last trip the pair were seen on as per Kim’s Instagram page.

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The End Was Nigh

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While everything seemed to be going well for Kim and Pete, the couple was having some problems behind closed doors. The nine-month romance (that no one saw coming) ended on August 5, 2022, when the couples’ publicists announced they were splitting ways. Many had claimed the two were smitten with each other and no social media hints were given that there was trouble in paradise. Although it’s not too much of a shock since both Kardashian and Davidson are known for having short-term, whirlwind romances. As for why the pair decided to end things is still up for debate with some fans speculating long distance drove them apart. Pete was filming in Australia when the news of the split broke while Kim spends most of her time in California.

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