A Plastic Surgeon Claimed Kate Middleton Got Botox, and the Palace Completely Shut It Down

In a rare move, Kensington Palace has reportedly made a statement denying Botox rumors about Kate Middleton. 

Page Six reports that after a surgeon posted side-by-side photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, claiming that she had gotten "baby Botox," a spokesperson for the Palace told the outlet that the post is “categorically not true” and “in addition, The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Muir Somji of the Dr. Medi Spa in London posted two images of Kate side-by-side on Instagram, writing, "Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox. Patients come from far and wide to see me for this procedure. It truly is so simple… There is no excuse for doctors to leave patients with brows on the floor. Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead. But also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but elevation of the lateral tail of the brow. The magic of baby Botox is that it does not leave you feeling so heavy and provides you with a subtle reduction of lines as well as a better eyebrow position. Now 90 percent of my patients have baby Botox and are happy even at 3-4 months post treatment."


The post has remained on the Instagram page, though comments have now been disabled. 

The Palace rarely makes statements concerning rumors about members of the royal family, but earlier this year, Kensington Palace did deny that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would be raising their child to be genderfluid. 

The Palace also later denied that it had accidentally leaked Meghan and Harry's baby's name before the birth, and weighed in on rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving to Africa, stating that all the gossip was purely speculative. (Meghan and Harry are, however, taking a royal tour of Africa in the fall.)

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