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ALDI shoppers are going wild over a "game-changing" device that can banish spiders from homes for good.

The majority of Britain's 650 species of spiders are harmless but they're an unpleasant household visitor.

But a clever spider catcher is returning to Aldi's shelves within days.

The sell-out Zero In Spider Catcher has previously been a hit with shoppers and costs just £8.99.

The gadget promised to remove spiders from the home without causing them any harm.

Posting about the gadget on Facebook, one shopper said: "I need to go to Aldi and get one."

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Another said: "I got mine already and they're great for putting them outside."

"I've got one, they are really good, it keeps them at arm's length, because I hate spiders but, I don't like killing them.

"So I put them outside and they toddle off," said a third shopper.

As it's 60cm in length, shoppers can use the gadget to catch spiders from ceilings and corners with ease.

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It will hit the shelves in all Aldi stores from Sunday, August 27 – but you'll need to be quick while stocks last.

You can find your closest Aldi by using the store locator tool on the supermarket's website.

It's the cheapest gadget of this type that we've seen.

For example, B&Q stocks a similar item for £9.95 – 96p more.

But there are other ways that shoppers can deter the eight-legged critters from their homes.

How else can I banish spiders for good?

Keeping your house clutter and dirt-free helps to eliminate dark, dusty spots where spiders love to hang out.

Washing, dusting and vacuuming regularly will get rid of any cobwebs that could contain unhatched baby arachnid egg sacs.

However, as spiders sniff with their legs, it's wise to spray a solution to blitz around the home to keep the pests at bay.

However, don't get duped into paying £5+ on store-bought spider-repellent sprays which often contain a combination of toxic ingredients.

Instead, it's best to opt to make up your own non-toxic spray solution – costing as little as 30p.

Citrus scents are a great deterrent for spiders in your home.

The smell is overwhelming for the critters and a simple citrus and water solution can become your best friend here.

You can bag a single lemon for only 30p from Tesco.

Spiders also hate peppermint, so the fragrance can be useful.

Invest in a bottle of peppermint essential oil and apply it to known lurking spots.

You can get a 10ml bottle of peppermint essential oils for just £2.23 when shopping on online marketplaces.

Plus, conkers are well known as a natural spider deterrent as they are believed to contain a chemical the creepy critters hate.

Collect horse chestnuts to scatter around your house – place them near skirting boards, on window sills and in dark corners, for example under the bed.

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But take care if you have pets as they can be poisonous.

For other tips on keeping the spiders at bay this Autumn, view our SOS Spider Survival guide.

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