Asda is selling UNICORN solar-powered lights for your garden

IF you've ever dreamt of unicorns lighting up your garden in the dark, now you have the chance to make it happen.

Asda is selling outdoor solar-powered lights featuring the mystical creatures, and they even glitter AND change colours.

The magical lights come in packs of four, and they'll set you back £10 each.

They're powered by direct sunlight, but the packs also come with one rechargable AAA battery.

Each light has a height of 26.5cm, and they're available both in stores and on the Asda George website.

The lights have already achieved rave reviews online, with one shopper writing: "Bought a couple of weeks ago, my little ladies love these in the garden."

While another said: "They are perfect, colour changing bright lights, glitter and unicorns. I'm just about to order some for mommy's garden."

They've also been spotted by a Facebook user, who shared pictures of the lights in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

The post has so far achieved more than 2,300 likes and over 2,500 comments.

One user wrote: "I think we need to buy these", while another agreed and said: "Omg I need these!"

They're the cheapest unicorn lights of its kind around, but if you prefer hanging lights, you can pick up a single unicorn light for £2.99 at Clas Ohlson.

Or if you want more than one, Asda is selling a 10-pack string of multicoloured unicorn lights for £8.

If you're not as obsessed with unicorns as the rest of us, Asda is also selling fairy and butterfly solar-powered lights for £10.

Home Bargains is selling an indoor colour-changing unicorn lamp – and it only costs £1.49.

Last year, TK Maxx also rolled out glittery unicorn lights for £17.

Meanwhile, B&M is selling glow in the dark homeware for kids featuring the magical creatures.

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