Avengers Campus ready for web-slinging action at Disneyland on Friday

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Avengers, assemble!

Some of the biggest superheroes in the Marvel universe soared in Wednesday for a preview of Disney California Adventure Park’s new Avengers Campus, opening Friday, June 4.

Anthony Mackie (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on Disney+), Paul Rudd (“Ant-Man”) and Jon Favreau (Tony Stark’s sidekick Happy from “Iron Man”) were among the stars on hand for the splashy sneak peek of the long-awaited, six-acre park.

One of the main attractions is the interactive “Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure,” which will feature character star Tom Holland, who will guide Spidey fans as they don 3D glasses and sling their own webs to try and capture out-of-control “Spider-Bots” causing destruction all around them.

And don’t forget to look up: There is even a wild, aerial Spider-Man robot that will fly 60 feet-plus in the air over park visitors’ heads. Excelsior!

The unveiling of the park — which will be crawling with Disneyland cast members dressed as superheroes including Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Tho, Logi, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, The Wasp and the Guardians of the Galaxy crew — also featured virtual appearances by Paul Bettany (“WandaVision”), Zoe Saldana (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Scarlett Johansson (“Black Widow”) and more.

“It’s the first time we are celebrating all of these heroes and bringing them together in one place,” said John Mauro, portfolio executive producer at Walt Disney Imagineering, according to Reuters.

Rides and character impersonators aren’t the only things on the menu at the park, either. The attraction, which is located in Anaheim, will boast plenty of food options for ravenous visitors, including a $100 “Quantum-sized Pym-nini sandwich” that was inspired by Marvel’s 2018 movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp.”

Just don’t expect to slip into a Spandex Ant-Man costume right after the meal, which is loaded with salami, rosemary ham, provolone and a sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia, plus marinara dipping sauce and arugula salad.

And, of course, what theme park is complete without merchandise? The attraction will boast plenty of memorabilia for purchase by Marvel fans young and old, including branded shirts and hoodies, Spider-Bot backpacks, action figures and more.

As far as getting to all of the fun stuff, Marvel fans will need to purchase Disneyland theme park tickets and then make timed reservations to visit the campus.

The park had been expected to open in July 2020, but Disneyland and California Adventure were closed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and only started reopening in April.

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