Awkward note from neighbour tells woman they see everything when she showers

A woman has explained her embarrassment after getting a note from her neighbours telling her they could see her when she showered.

And, they emphasised that they could see "everything".


Sarah Yates was on holiday when her cousin sent her a snap of the note posted through the letterbox on Friday.

The journalist, from Stockport, had renovated her first home recently and refitted her bathroom.

She also added brighter lighting.

But, a neighbour from the back of her house told Sarah that they’d written the note to save them the embarrassment of a face-to-face encounter.

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The letter read: “Hi, you need to put blinds up in your bathroom.

“When you shower you can see everything.

“Didn’t want to embarrass you by knocking on. Thanks.”

Sarah, 26, who is currently in Rhodes, said: “I received a text with the letter pictured from my cousin and was totally shocked.

“I assumed you could see our figures through the frosted window but I didn’t realise they could see everything.

“I’ve put a new suite in and installed spotlights which are quite bright so it must have made a difference to what they can see.”

The young journalist told the Manchester Evening Post that she had checked the issue by turning on her lights and standing in the garden to see.

She added: “It’s just our outlines you can see but they obviously don’t want to have to see that through their windows.

“Once I’m back from my holiday I’ll be isolating for 10 days so I’m going to spend some time in the garden putting some taller plants in front of the window for extra privacy.

“It is all quite mortifying really.”

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