Being a witch is my full-time job – I never imagined Id make money from it

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At lot of people have jobs – which are far from ordinary these days.

However, not many people can say they're a witch as their full-time occupation.

But that's the reality for online influencer Jessica Streek.

The self-proclaimed witch and Reiki practitioner has built up a whopping online following of more than 630,000 across social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

And that's allowed her to earn money and a living wage from her witchcraft posts and videos.

Chatting about her accidental career, Jessica exclusively told Daily Star: "When I shared my witchcraft online, it was never supposed to be a job – just a bit of fun.

"I thought 'if people find it funny, the great. But if no one watches, then fine'.

"I was never looking for fame."

She added: "Now it's got to a point, in the past couple of months, that this is my full-time job.

"I never expected it be in a million years.

"I started up my socials during the pandemic."

Jessica said she previously worked at a retailer, but said she left due to a 'difficult environment'.

She explained: "I did have a job previously, at retailer, bu environment became very difficult so I had to leave.

"The only reason I could leave that job was that was my social media platform."

Jessica is known for making humorous witchcraft videos and also shares how to make spells with her followers.

She also practices divination, reading taro cards and reading rooms.

Asked how she got into witchcraft, Jessica admits she's always been interested it since she was really young.

"I've always been fascinated with witchcraft," she explained.

"Not the stereotype of it though, the more realistic version – even when I was really young.

"I used to say my mum 'I want to be a witch when I'm older' when I was around four or five years old.

"I started researching it properly when I was around nine or ten, but I wouldn't say I identified as a witch until I was around 15 years old, when I could practice it confidently."

As well as witchcraft, Jessica also does acting, which she recently obtained a degree in at uni.

Along with her social media career, she also says she wants to get back into acting this year, if possible.

She told us: "During the pandemic, I had multiple auditions and roles, but I lost them because of Covid.

"It was just after I graduated, so it was a really tricky time."

She hasn't ruled out combing the two careers though, adding: "It'll be interesting to see where I can go with my witchcraft, a TV series would be cool.

"I'd like a balance between the witchcraft and my acting career, that would be my ultimate goal."

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