'Below Deck' Reunion Recap: Daisy, Colin Accuse Each Other of Cheating

During the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 reunion, Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae finally addressed what caused their fallout following their onscreen romance.

“We explored something together [after filming wrapped],” Colin shared during part 2 of the Bravo special, which aired on Tuesday, July 18. “We were kind of bouncing around together for a little while. And then it turned toxic — I ended things.”

Daisy, for her part, claimed the pair “triggered” each other before they called it quits.

“When I found out that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend in April [2022], I was like, ‘OK, great!’ Not great because they broke up but great because possibly something could happen between Colin and I. We knew we liked each other, we could feel it,” she explained. “So, I get on the boat and I find out that he has been sleeping with someone else [that he was working with]. I immediately retreat, I put up all of my walls and this is nothing that gets shown or aired. I become very defensive.”

Biggest Bombshells From ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Season 4 Reunion

The chief stew accused Colin of making her feel “incredibly guilty” about her friendship with Gary King. (Daisy and Gary secretly hooked up before filming kicked off on season 4 — which they later revealed while cameras were rolling.)

“That happened throughout the year [in addition to season 4]. Then I asked why his [relationship with this woman] was different [from me and Gary] and he said, ‘The difference is that I am telling you there is nothing between me and this woman. This is no future [with her] even if we break up,” he continued. “He is now in a serious relationship [with the mystery woman]. It was very shocking for me to hear and very hurtful. The toxicity was always there because the trust was never there.”

Scroll down for a breakdown of every accusation Colin and Daisy brought up at the season 4 reunion:

Colin’s Propositions Toward Daisy Throughout the Season

Daisy claimed that Colin made a move on her during separate occasions between seasons 2 and 3.

In response, Colin called his past moments with Daisy “irrelevant” because he didn’t act on his flirtation. “I have always had a crush on Daisy and I told her that to her face,” he admitted.

Daisy’s Pre-Season 4 Hookup With Colin — Which Overlaps With Her Gary Connection

“Before filming season 4, Daisy and I hooked up. As soon as that happened, I rang Gary and I told him. He was stoked about it,” Colin revealed. “This is what nobody knows in the audience. This is why the relationship turned toxic because you can’t reason with this woman. I have realized that and I ended things with her.”

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The engineer said he “started something” with Daisy before they joined Parsifal III. “I found out [about Daisy and Gary’s past hookup] halfway through the season.”

Daisy Claims Colin Was Involved With Another Woman Amid Their Romance

“When he told me about [his relationship with] this other girl, I took a step back. Yes, I was still hooking up with him because I am 36 years old and it is 2023,” Daisy detailed while discussing her individual moments with Gary and Alex Propson. “I can kiss multiple people and not feel ashamed for it. When Colin and I were hooking up and he told me that he had been sleeping with someone else, I was like, ‘I guess we are figuring stuff out.’”

Breaking Down the ‘Below Deck’ Love Triangle Between Daisy, Gary and Colin

Colin, meanwhile, questioned why it was a problem for him to be seeing other people. “I was sleeping with this other girl on my boat. I was telling her about Daisy and Daisy about her. It was all out in the open,” he noted before Daisy claimed she found out about the mystery woman later than she would have wanted. “Now I am with this girl because she treats me really f—king good.”

Colin’s Influence on Daisy and Gary’s Bond

After having a breakdown, Daisy called Colin out for the way he divided her and Gary out of jealousy. “You made me feel so guilty about Gary. I eventually stopped talking to him and stopped being friends with him,” she told her coworkers.

Colin, for his part, admitted he was “insecure” about his ex-girlfriend’s relationship with Gary, adding, “Watching the show [back], I have seen [countless] conversations and moments [between them] that is just news to me. It is outright shocking to me.”

Colin Accuses Daisy and Gary of Hiding a Season 4 Makeout Session

Colin accused Daisy of making out with Gary while cameras were rolling. The reunion included a clip of Daisy and Gary sharing a moment that wasn’t caught on screen — which Colin claimed was intentional.

Daisy’s Suspicions About Colin and Ileisha

Amid their back and forth, Daisy accused Colin of flirting with Ileisha Dell during season 4. The chef, however, had a different memory of her relationship with Colin.

Everything Below Deck’s Gary and Daisy Have Said About a Potential Romance

“I guess that is kind of the first time that I heard that to that extent. Colin and I got along really well from the moment we met. But I had a boyfriend — I had no idea what was going on with Daisy and Colin,” Ileisha said. “I am not going to pursue something when I have a boyfriend.”

Colin admitted he had “chemistry” with Ileisha that he didn’t act on.

Where the Trio Stands Now

Colin and Gary both showed interest in eventually mending their issues. The duo, however, didn’t leave hope for their respective relationships with Daisy.

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“I am sorry for being emotional. That is what you get for putting your heart on the line. I love them both and they taught me so much about myself,” Daisy said at the end of the reunion. “I have regrets. But more importantly, I know I have a good heart and my intentions were good. Onwards and upwards.”

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