Benefits of turning your placenta into pills as Sam Faiers and Rebekah Vardy rave about process

Sam Faiersrecently shared the news that she had herplacenta made into pillsafter giving birth to her third child.

The practice has been popular amongst new mums withRebekah VardyandDanielle Lloydpreviously explaining that they kept theirs after birth and had them made into capsules.

The placenta is an organ that forms in a woman’s uterus after conception. Its duties include delivering oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the growing baby while filtering out toxins and waste.

The idea behind consuming the placenta after birth is that it comes with a host of health benefits including helping a woman’s body rebound post birth.

The placenta is reportedly loaded with vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and iron. It’s also rich in reproductive hormones like oestrogen and progesterone that drop after you give birth.

Those who opt for turning their placenta into pills say that they can help prevent anaemia, boost milk supply, balance hormones and even lower chances of having postpartum depression.

Placenta encapsulation is one way to eat the placenta. It is also sometimes consumed raw, cooked, roasted, dehydrated.

Though, it’s to be noted that the practice does come with risks such as infection if the placenta gets contaminated.

Kourtney Kardashianturned hers into pills and swore they were "life changing" after she gave birth to son Reign in December 2014, and sisterKim Kardashiandid the same after Saint West arrived.

While Sam Faiers told her 2.5 million Instagram followers that she’s had her placenta made into capsules and gummies by a company named Placenta Plus.

Sharing a snap of the products on her Story, she wrote: “You’re either into it or you’re not.. I always wanted to do this with the other two and didn’t get round to it..

“Yes I had my placenta made into capsules & gummies and I’ve been taking them as instructed religiously. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Sam went on to say that she wasn’t plugging the product for an advert, before tagging Placenta Plus in the post and encouraging her followers to “check them out”.

Speaking to OK! before the birth of her fifth child, Autumn Rose, Danielle said: “I've decided to keep my placenta and have it made into tablets using Placenta Plus from Liverpool. They can make your placenta into tablets, oils for you and the baby, you can have face creams, and all sorts of stuff."

Rebekah Vardy has also done it , and spoke highly of the health benefits of doing so.

“It sounds gross but there are so many benefits and they help heal everything quicker, especially after a C-section,” she admitted after giving birth in 2017.

“I told Jamie I’d cook him some of my placenta but he wasn’t impressed.”

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