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IF YOU'RE going on rides longer than 30 minutes, it’s generally a good idea to take some form of hydration with you in a water bottle.

The only problem is, after a couple of hours in the saddle, the contents of the average water bottle can start to warm up if it’s a hot day, leaving you with a drink that’s far from thirst quenching.

Enter the insulated water bottle. Although slightly more expensive than basic bidons (as they are sometimes known in road cycling), they’ll manage to keep your fluids cooler for much longer.

In fact, pay a little bit extra and you’ll get yourself a thermal water bottle that’ll keep the contents at the desired temperature (hot or cold) long into a ride; perfect if you can’t wait to get your caffeine fix at the mid-ride coffee stop.

Most water bottles come in 500ml and slightly larger (generally around 750ml) sizes. Heading out with a couple on your bike should keep you hydrated for many hours of riding.

Read on to see our guide of the best bike water bottles you can currently buy.

1. Tacx Shiva Bottle

  • Shiva Bottle, from £4 from Tredz – buy here

Before we get onto the best insulated water bottles, it’s worth featuring at least one bog-standard bidet, and the Shiva from Dutch brand Tacx is the best of the bunch.

Available in 500ml or 750ml, the bottle is easy to squeeze, and its spout has a firm closure that ensures you won’t lose any of that precious H2O.

2. CamelBak Podium Chill

  • Podium Chill, £14.99 from Tredz – buy here

At more than three times the cost of the Tacx offering, it might not be obvious where all that extra money is going.

But it’s the technology inside the Podium Chill that makes it worth the investment. CamelBak claims that the insulated bottle will keep your water cool for twice as long as a non-insulated bidon.

The bottle’s self-sealing cap is another great feature, guaranteeing no splatters or spills while taking on water.

3. Elite Nanogelite Ombra Bottle

  • Nanogelite Ombra Bottle, from £17.48 from Tredz – buy here

The Nanogelite Ombra from Italian brand Elite does the same as the CamelBak bottle above, but can also be used to keep drinks warm too.

The manufacturer has used the world’s lightest insulating material (nanogel) to line the bottle, leaving your mid-ride coffee or tea as warm as when you left home.

The bottle comes in 500ml and 650ml sizes.

4. Fabric Insulated Internal Bottle

  • Insulated Internal Bottle, £16.99 from Evans Cycles – buy here

The 525ml insulated bottle from British brand Fabric will keep your drinks nice and cool, even at the peak of summer. But it’s the bottle’s design that is its main selling point.

The bottle is able to mount directly to your bike’s frame without a cage, saving the need to have two bottle cages clogging up your frame, and shaving the associated weight.

5. Campagnolo Super Record 500ml Thermal Water Bottle

  • Super Record 500ml Thermal Water Bottle, £24.99 from Tredz – buy here

If you have to have the most advanced bike water bottle on the market, then the Super Record by iconic Italian manufacturer Campagnolo is the one for you.

The thermal bottle uses aerogel (similar to the nanogel used in the Elite offering above) to keep its contents hot or cold, and the brand claims it will keep liquid at the desired temperature for four hours.

The premium bottle is finished off with a leak-proof cap and an easy-to-grip ergonomic shape that is designed for drinking on the go.

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