Bizarre shoppers encountered at the supermarket

Well aisle never! Snaps reveal the VERY surprising things spotted by shoppers – from a goat in a backpack to a woman being pushed in a trolley

  • Spotlight rounded up viral snaps from around the world taken in supermarkets
  • Woman believed to be in US, was photographed carrying her goat like a baby 
  • Another image shows a couple appearing to share vows while inside Walmart

Sometimes shopping trips are anything but boring – as these extraordinary photos prove.  

Shoppers from around the world have captured the strangest sights they’ve spotted in the aisles, from a woman carrying a baby goat on her back to a man walking around with a bucket on his head. 

Another photograph shows a woman in a mobility scooter with presumably her daughter, standing in between her legs as they drive through the aisles of a supermarket. 

The best examples were collated in a gallery by Spotlight. Here, FEMAIL shares some of the highlights… 

Spotlight rounded up viral photographs that show Walmart customers behaving in unexpected ways – including one customer who carried a baby goat on her back

Push me! A woman was photographed sitting inside a trolley at a supermarket, but it’s unclear how she was getting round and where she’ll be putting her shopping 

One shopper was photographed walking around a supermarket inside a homemade bubble, complete with a parasol 

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Another individual was photographed driving around Walmart in a mobility scooter with a woman, presumed to be her daughter, standing in between her legs 

Hands free! A shopper who didn’t want to waste space in their trolley with a storage box was spotted carrying it on their head 

One man went to the shops equipped for any possibility as he donned goggles, helmet, mask and a roll of tissue around his neck 

Another shopper was in the process of dyeing her hair when she went to the supermarket, and ended up going viral after customers noticed the stains on her back

Deep freeze! A woman was spotted lifting her companion into the freezer to collect an item out of reach instead of seeking assistance from staff

A man in deep discussion with a fellow shopper was blissfully unaware that his cat stood militantly guarding them 

A loved up couple in America chose a random aisle in a local supermarket for an unconventional wedding location 

No shirt, no problem! One man was photographed wearing a towel as a poncho as he browsed the supermarket shelves 

Another man wore a Ziploc bag over his head, after arriving at the supermarket without a face mask for entry 

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