Blogger shows how influencers fake ‘perfect’ sitting photos at restaurants

A blogger shared the side-by-side photo which showed how influencers pose in a certain way when they sit at restaurants.

Georgie Clarke boasts 723,000 followers on Instagram where she shares the reality of what you see online isn't what it seems.

Previously she's uploaded photos with a minute apart to show how influencers pose in pictures.

Now the blogger has revealed how online stars always get the best snaps while sitting at restaurants.

Posting over the weekend, Georgie wrote: "Ever wonder how these influencers get the perfect sitting photos in restaurants?

"Well it's literally ALL in the pose in this one."

She went onto say how "awkward" it is to actually sit like that in real life before telling fans how she achieved that pose.

Explaining the photo on the left, Georgie added: "Shuffling my bum to the very edge of the seat.

"Shifting so I'm resting on my hip. Cross one leg gently in front of the other."

The influencer also claimed she was forcing a smile before detailing the pose in the right photo.

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She concluded: "I think for a lot of people who are viewers of influencer content don't quite register that the influencer is sitting quite so weirdly for the picture.

"So another reminder for you to never compare yourself to images like this. It's not real life."

Since she shared the reality of fake "perfect" photos, Georgie's post racked up 31,400 likes and hundreds of comments.

One fan gushed: "You are really my inspiration," while another added: "So on point. Forgive me in saying so, you are stunning in both."

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A third commented: "This is so valuable. I tried the triangle arms/bum lift pose you did the other day. My 46-year-old self looked SO hourglass, but damn did it hurt my arms."

While a fourth praised: "With a body like that, it doesn't matter how you sit."

A fifth Instagram fan hailed: "You're my favourite instagram person and you can truly call yourself an influencer!"

And a sixth user commented: "Love you."

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