Brit adds sweary message to road closure sign in passive aggression masterclass

British culture looks a little bit like knocking a few back down the boozer and being inconvenienced by a whole list of things – like road closures.

The intentional blocking of a road is something that Brits are often faced with. Therefore, the dreaded red sign is a top tier topic for complaining.

Tutting that you have to add an extra five minutes onto your journey is bound to make any motorist slightly miffed.

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However, one Brit got to their boiling point with road closures.

Faced with yet another red sign with white capitalised writing on their street, the resident decided to get their own back in a very British way.

What is that you ask? Passive aggression, of course.

Armed with some white paper, a printer and some tape – the Brit decided to deface the road closure sign with a sweary note.

They printed out the word 'f***ing' and stuck this above 'road', while they plastered the word 'again' underneath 'closed'.

The new and 'improved' sign ruthlessly spelt out 'f***ing road closed again'.

Looks like they got their point across!

A picture of the scathing modification was posted to Twitter meme account No Context Brits where the sign defacer was praised by others who experienced similar road closure inconveniences.

One person commented: "Perfect example of British roads."

Another user added: "Relatable. When you see that road closed sign on one of the main roads on your daily route and it says 'work starts here on [x] for 35 weeks' and after 35 weeks it still looks like a quarry."

While a third voiced: "Oi, sounds like my village. Three lanes closed for one little pothole."

Someone else quipped: "Me, cycling around my neighbourhood recently."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "This is giving me ideas."


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