Brits disgusted yet intrigued by Yorkshire pudding pepperoni pizza

A couple of days ago, the breakfast food favourite hash browns were combined with a pizza.

Now today, the much-loved Yorkshire pudding has been put to the test as the base of the Italian cheesy dish.

Yes, that’s right.

The Sunday dinner staple has now become infused with a pepperoni pizza.

British cuisine boasts the savoury puds as a firm favourite amongst our dishes, so one budding chef thought they would incorporate it into a pizza.

Submitted to Twitter page @ratemyplate by ‘Kye W’, the British take on the carb filled Italian food has received mixed responses from budding critics.

Pictured in the post, the cheese filled Yorkshire pud takes up the majority of the white plate it is placed on.

Four slices of the meaty sausage made up the only toppings of the unusual dish that was cut up into four crispy pieces.

Kye’s ‘Pepperoni Yorkshire pudding pizza’ has now racked up 1,800 likes and 735 retweets.

The unusual food duo has sparked a debate of emotion as many people fled to the comments to provide their thoughts on the ‘Yorkshire pudding pizza’

One person commented: “I'm both disgusted and intrigued…”

A third user questioned: “Do you have gravy?”

Another user joked: “I think my grandmother is coming back from the grave just to hit you with a wooden spoon.”

Someone else said: “I mean, I've dipped pickled onion monster munch in curry pot noodles, so I'd probably eat this. Too much cheese though.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Yorkshire pud-pizza hybrid!

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