Christy Carlson Romano Was Bullied By 'Really Huge Star' Growing Up: 'It's Like Trauma for Life'

The former “Even Stevens” actress said her bully was “a mega, mega star.”

Christy Carlson Romano continues to keep it real on her YouTube channel with a new video titled, “What My Celebrity Bullies Taught Me.”

Yep, that’s right, celebrity bullies. While the former “Even Stevens” star, now 37, doesn’t address all of her childhood and teenage adversaries by name in the 10-minute clip, she does reveal that two of them are pretty famous.

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“I got bulled by a lot of kids. Some of them were famous. In fact, one of my biggest bullies is a really huge star,” said Romano at the top of the video. She added that it’s “kind of weird to see them, they’re doing huge franchise movies” — and while they’ve “squashed the beef,” being bullied as a kid “still sucks though.”

“When you’re bullied, it’s like trauma for life,” said Romano, who admitted she was a “geeky, very nerdy, very lanky, big teeth that needed braces kind of theater kid” growing up. She added that she lacked social skills, but had an “absolutely innocent happiness that should not be dulled down.” Unfortunately, for her, it was — and her bullying started when she was just six years old.

Among the popular taunts: “Bucky Beaver,” because of her teeth, and AAA, “because I was pretty flat chested.”

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While Romano herself had already been on Broadway and was part of the Disney family by the time she was in high school, she still “felt like a total nerd.”

“So basically in high school, there was a girl who was already famous when she came into my grade. It was 8th grade that she came in and she was part of the class until we graduated together,” Romano continued.

“I kind of felt like there was this movement around this person that didn’t feel genuine and it was this strange strategic shift,” she added, saying Romano and this mystery girl were friendly at first. As time went on, however, she started to feel like the “odd man out.” Explained the actress: “I felt very iced out of my elementary school friendships and over time it got worse and worse and worse.”

“I noticed that the other people were reacting really poorly to me too, so I’m not sure if there were things that were being said, but overall, I kinda realized I was the nerd of the class,” she continued, before detailing a more recent run-in with her bully years later in Los Angeles.

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“Weirdly enough, that person who’s a mega, mega star, I saw that person out at the Chateau Marmont, I looked at this person and said, ‘Hey do you remember me?’ They said, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah yeah, good to see you,'” she recalled. “it seemed genuine that they recalled me. Something about the tone of the conversation felt good. I feel as though I can put closure on that moment, because I think if you can put closure to it, you should. You should find peace wherever you can.”

Romano said she continued to feel “targeted” by a different familiar face when she went to college.

“There was one girl in particular that really let me have it because she was an aspiring performer and I already had a career,” she added, saying the girl in question “ended up having her own career after college, but she was impatient and I think she let jealously overrun her.”

Putting a button on the video, Romano advised any viewers experiencing bullying themselves to try to “humanize” the person putting them down — and also try and “understand what they’re going through.” She added that she no longer cares “as much about what everybody else is thinking” about her and told viewers to “grant yourself some peace; peace from the trauma, peace from the bad memories.”

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